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It’s Lovisa’s birthday. Her guests will arrive soon and everything has to be perfect because Johan, her new and charming boss, is coming tonight. So who is this guy Lars who suddenly shows up out of nowhere and why is he acting so strange and awkward? And what actually happened between them on New Year’s Eve? Lars is ruining is the evening and Lovisa grows more and more desperate - so, what to do? "A Night To Remember" is a dark comedy about colliding worlds and grown-ups acting like children. But most of all it's a film about what to do (and what NOT to do) when you get an uninvited (?) guest to your very important dinner party. The script was developped at the 2010 NISI-MASA European Short Pitch

A Night To Remember (orig

Kevin is a 9-year-old goalkeeper who's a fan of famous goalkeeper Dev Gopala and whose oven gloves are worn out. His neighbor, who coaches him, gives him woolen gloves that he customizes. Yet Kevin unwittingly ends up losing them.



World of Shorts Film Contest

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