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My Cross To Bear

Kevin is a 9-year-old goalkeeper who's a fan of famous goalkeeper Dev Gopala and whose oven gloves are worn out. His neighbor, who coaches him, gives him woolen gloves that he customizes. Yet Kevin unwittingly ends up losing them.


Alex is a huge Manchester United fan who's preparing for a Manchester versus Liverpool game. He has a satellite dish installed to be able to watch the game on TV. His young neighbour Kenny is a Liverpool fan who also hopes he'll be able to watch the game. Yet Alex rejects his request...

Home, Away

Jazz and Venice

Jazz in Venice

The film received a "Special Mention" (2nd Place) in the "One Minute Competition" organized by “Aarhus Filmværksted” and “Aarhus Festuge" on the theme "BIG:Size Matters".

Bigger and Better

This film has made in 2011. It is about that we can find all the world in a water drop.

Water drop

An Oral Fixation explores the visual prostitution of three female characters, performed by Gaffney, and was filmed in a haunted park-keeper’s lodge. The main character, with a black plastic masked face, plays a ouija board as the two other characters appear as apparitions/hallucinations of his own sexual hysteria. “An Oral Fixation was the boldest and most accomplished entry [to the London Short Film Festival Low-Budget section], striking an intoxicating and often surrealist note somewhere between Matthew Barney, David Lynch & Gasper Noe.” - Adam Woodward, magazine editor at Little White Lies, 2012. This is your film submitted to "World of Shorts Film Contest" contest.

An Oral Fixation

Geoff is a great musician well know in Brazil. He asked me to do a music video. I agreed with the condition to do a free short film with it. We wrote together and I directed and shot it. Hope you have fun.

Wordz ov Mouf

Short experimental stop motion animation about a journey, 100% hand made by Lucinda Cooper, with no digital effects.

Water Wings

The top and the most important theme in the stories of mankind is love. This movie processes this archetypal topic in a surrealistic way. The meeting, the completion, the disappointment and the divorce give a frame to the film. The purport becomes more than a love story by the new formal solutions, although the happy end is at issue.


An insecure girl loses her hope to bring her boyfriend back and attempts suicide. But moment before enclosing agony she receives a text message with proposal to meet once again...

In the Bathroom

A short film looking at the difference between first world problems or actual problems.

Never For Ever

People change, and society changes, and in turn people must change to remain a part of the society. It tells the story of a professional clown who descended into depression as the public demand for his performances declined. When once he would perform in a packed theatre, today he busks in the streets as the people pass him by, largely taking no notice of him at all. He feels that society is to blame for his demise and so he is suing them for compensation. Struggling to obtain a date in court, he has turned to a documentary filmmaker to give his case the media coverage and recognition he feels it deserves.

Clown vs Society

A young couple experiences through everyday situations the difficulty of communication. Them, an invisible wall but this stops their looks, their gestures, their kisses.


Serge is security agent in a supermarket. He works with Chris, his superior. Serge is a model employee and waits patiently until Chris gives him more responsibilities. One evening, right before closing, the lightning strikes and plunges the store in the black. Serge tries to contain hysterical customers while Chris tries to repair the breakdown.

The end of the world/La fin du Monde

In a near future, with buildings on fire, explosions, surveillance cameras, militarized neighborhoods and urban wrecks, a man flees from a city that has turned into a nightmare. There is only one place escaped the spread of ugliness and violence, but another day is about to begin and the daily odyssey to start again. "Is the nightmare of a dystopian future so far from reality? Every man runs towards his own end".


A visual haiku about childhood, simplicity and inner selves. A LA RECHERCHE D'ESPACE PERDU started as a small experiment in the summer of 2011 and intends to become a long-term Super 8 mm film project, following two 6-years old girls from a Hungarian village as they grow up, year by year. We intend to surprise a small piece of the world not as a socio-political tool conquered by what Alvin Toffler used to call transience, not even as a trichotomy of what Pierre Bourdieu used to call "fast food, fast love, fast thought", but as a innerly-paced playground for freedom and simplicity.

A la recherche d'espace perdu I

DIGITAL POEM Poetry lost it's universality when it discovered the word to be the center of it's universe.The comparison can go back to the silent film when every face had it's own expression only after these faces started to speak, we realized, that, they were saying the same thing.

The Jungle

Three women guards at Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu, Romania. The film discovers their thoughts, sadness and their own micro world in this huge palace museum were they feel trapped like in a box.

Women on canvas / Femei pe pânză

Original Title: Missing the Moment Length: 10' Production: Films association Film Factory ( Year of production: 2012 Release date: 15. May 2012, 65. Festival de Cannes SFC, Cannes, France Links:,, Format: Color, Full HD (1920x1080; 25p) Ratio: 2.35:1 (16:9 cropped) Screening formats: DCP (2K), DVD,... Cast: Nejc Birsa as Peter Nives Brauner as Girl Extras: Bojan Petek, Ines Crkvenčič, Maja Žigart, Tim Žibrat, Simon Komar Crew: Written & Directed by: Mitja Mlakar Assistant Directors: Miha Šubic & Mojca Pernat Produced by: Mojca Pernat Music & Sound Design: Tim Žibrat Edited by: Mitja Mlakar & Miha Šubic Visual Effects by: Mitja Mlakar Director of Photography: Mitja Mlakar Make-up artist: Mojca Škof Hair stylist: Kristjan Skamljič Costumography: Tjaša Frumen Set Decoration: Mojca Breg Props: Mojca Breg & Miha Šubic On set photographers: Rok Dežalak & Urška Drofelnik & Boštjan Selinšek Design: Piotr Szot & Mitja Mlakar Thanks to: Tenzor, Teleking, KSFH hairatelje, Zavod Udarnik, Mariborska razvojna agencija ,FERI, Family Frumen, Family Mlakar, Family Pernat, Family Šubic, Family Komar,Bojan Petek, Simon Komar, Jaka Polutnik, Ines Crkvenčič, Maja Žigart, Yoong Wah Alex Wong, Petra Štraus, Piotr Szot, Mitja Florajnc, Biserka Mergeduš,... Plot Outline Peter struggles to achieve his life dream; to become a renowned artist. But his perception of time is his enemy.

Missing The Moment


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