Think analogue in 90 sec!

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Think analogue in 90 sec!

“Think analogue in 90 sec!” - a short film contest on in collaboration with

Back in the old analogue world, we made more responsible decisions. And we couldn’t shoot the scene again, even if the lighting or the camera movement was not perfect. It had a charm. and invite you to be analogue and dare to think before you shoot. now calling for short films of all genres made with analogue techniques (super8, 16mm, LomoKino 35mm), up to 90 seconds in length. The competition is open to everyone, but is in particular aimed at young and emerging filmmakers.

Entries must be uploaded to, then added to the “Think analogue in 90 sec!” contest. 

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Entries will be judged by a professional jury and Lomography will offer the following prizes:

The submission deadline is 2012 November 5. (The uploading of the films must begin by midnight on November 5th!)

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because each place has a soul
AbstrAkt photos in order. If you want to find a story, you fail! It was shooted on s8, at the beginning of 2011 in Budapest. Thanks for Artbazis, and Linn Löffler, to make the workshop, and to help us about this technique.
Video/Schnitt: Inken Meyer Musik: Spectrum LM Thx to CarolinN