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Creation dates 9..0
New technologies don't put an end to communication, they just change it and by that, they change human interactions too.


Jurek, a sixteen year old cottage boy, has problems at vocational school – he is a permanent liar. Soon his ability to make things up will be very useful to him. After his granny, who is very close to him, is taken to hospital, Jurek has to deal with his father, who is an alcoholic. A moving story about dreams and coming to terms with lot.

Grandma has gone

Viktor and Virág brought up in the heart of a big city, but they didn't need the "plastic"-life. They left the town to begin new life in the deep forest, in a little village. The young couple rebuilt a broken farmhouse with hard work and made a real home. They first used a hoe and started to raise animals, realising that woods gives them everything . Moreover, they made good friends and they found their happiness.

Just nature - Viktor and Virág in Ómassa