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A short film about the Syrian struggle for freedom as experienced by a 32 year old rebel commander, Mowya, and a 24 year old female journalist, Nour, in Aleppo, Syria. The film clearly and concisely shows why Syrians are fighting for their freedom, told through the emotional words of two powerful characters whose lives have been torn apart by war.

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

Animacija je narejena iz nekaj idej, risb, besed in misli, ki so jih obiskovalci oddali v določene nabiralnike za leta 2012 v mestu Maribor. .............English: Animation is made of some ideas, sketches, words and thoughts, which were submitted by visitors to certain mailboxes for in the year 2012 in city of Maribor, Slovenia, EU.

Love - Zbiradejnica

A filmben öt nő jelenik meg. Egy, első ránézésre a médiában megjelenő nőképet reprezentáló fiatal lány, és négy, valamilyen szempontból marginalizált társadalmi csoportot képviselő nő. Sok mindenben hasonlóak, sok mindenben mások. A filmben az ő egy-egy hétköznapjukba nézhetünk bele, végigkísérjük őket a napjukon, és együtt gondolkodunk velük nőiségről, másságról, hasonlóságról.


Amalia, a girl of thirteen, gets her first period one day before going to the seaside with her parents. *winner of the Atlantic Group award, at the 19 Sarajevo Film Festival

Holiday at the Seaside (excerpt)

piquete: [pɪ-kɛ-te] the name given to road-cutting protests used as a pressure tactic. in argentina, in the 90s, the piquete merged as a form of mass protest. it was used by the organizations of the unemployed, also known as the piquetero movement. the media usually pictures them as violent men with masks and baseball bats, although the majority of its members are actually women. water, salt, flour pays a visit to the women of the ctd (coordinator of the unemployed workers) anibal verón, and follows their work in the community kitchens.

water salt flour

Three women guards at Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu, Romania. The film discovers their thoughts, sadness and their own micro world in this huge palace museum were they feel trapped like in a box.

Women on canvas / Femei pe pânză

When the women turn crazy while cleaning...


"Single, in my thirties, successful man, not looking for anybody."