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Winner of the Grand Prize at ASFC2013 (Made in 1 week!) Made by: Lotte Kamphuis (NL), Léo Gack (FR) & Zöe Robertson (CA) Participating from: Aarhus, Denmark. Based on the topics: "Rain" and "Illusion" "Under four min. in running time ("less is more"), the winning film tells its story with admirable simplicity, bringing the viewer inside the experience of the one and only character appearing in this portrait film. The production values are high and invariably in the service of a moving and memorable story in which nothing is allowed to distract us from the essentials. The viewer is left feeling real identification with and understanding of the person whose portrait is evoked so eloquently in this film. During the jury's deliberations, there was unanimous agreement from the start -- though we wondered about the appropriateness of the film's title -- that the Grand Prize should go to Lotte Kamphuis for GATHERING."

ASFC2013 Grand Prize Winner: "Gathering" by Lotte Kamphuis

The Oscar-winner for Best Animated Short Film, 2013.

Paperman - Trailer

Trailer for the compilation DVD "Seven & Seven", 7 films made by me between 2000-2007: Mini Driver Project (2000) Dottie: The Little Girl with the Big Voice (2002) Thoroughly Modern Mili (2003) A Life of Death (2003) The Pawn (2004) God's Good Pleasure (2006) 68 Degrees and Clear (2007)

Seven & Seven (trailer)

Trailer for my 2010 film "A.L.I.C.E.". Playing in 36 festivals on 6 continents.

A.L.I.C.E. trailer