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Originally commissioned by the Deutsche Oper for the opera performance of La Damnation De Faust in January 2014. Part of a double projection on stage during Faust's Ride to Hell. Recut for web. See a stage picture here:

La Damnation de Faust

According to the conventional view on art the artist creates the artwork and exhibits it in a gallery, than the viewer watches the artwork and has some kind of reaction about it. But what if we change the role of the viewer and the artwork? I have created an interactive installation to answer this question. (This video is part of the installation.) When the viewer stands on the pedestal of the installation he or she will become a living statue. The installation automatically detects the person and starts to play a video on a television in front of the viewer. In the video there are people who will watch this person as they were viewers in a gallery.


The mass media's typical consumer has very high stimulus-treshold. I have created a video, without any act to criticise this consumer. The play button in my hand is used on social video sharing sites. Normally you can start playing the shared video by clicking this button, but in my video this button is completly useless.