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My most successful low-budget viral video so far has gained more than 26 million views in 4 months on the video share channels. Through the film we wanted to draw attention to basic human values like respect of life and responsibility.


A guy floating between dream and reality. But can the valve let through things you don't want? A dslrwork production starring Krisztián Szakács. Directed by Benjamin Köpeczi-Bócz. For more info visit: or like

Pillangószelep - Butterfly Valve

TV Meditation is a video installation about the suggestive nature of television. The installation consists of two parts. One is an LCD screen, placed on a pedestal, the other one is a pair of glasses. The content of the monitor remains hidden until the viewer puts on the glasses. With the glasses on the viewer can watch a video about a blank screen coming closer to him/her, until the entire screen becomes empty. This video is parto if the installation.

TV Meditation

According to the conventional view on art the artist creates the artwork and exhibits it in a gallery, than the viewer watches the artwork and has some kind of reaction about it. But what if we change the role of the viewer and the artwork? I have created an interactive installation to answer this question. (This video is part of the installation.) When the viewer stands on the pedestal of the installation he or she will become a living statue. The installation automatically detects the person and starts to play a video on a television in front of the viewer. In the video there are people who will watch this person as they were viewers in a gallery.


The mass media's typical consumer has very high stimulus-treshold. I have created a video, without any act to criticise this consumer. The play button in my hand is used on social video sharing sites. Normally you can start playing the shared video by clicking this button, but in my video this button is completly useless.


"Packing and traveling are nice things. If only you were going on vacation..." "Portmanteau" was completed by Hande Zerkin at Remapping Europe Istanbul Atelier. Remapping Europe project is an investigative arts project that aims to contribute to an inclusive cultural practice and a new imagery in and of Europe by connecting young creative media-makers and artists living in Spain, Poland, Turkey and the UK, who have migrant perspectives, to wider European inter-generational audiences. The project involves creating new methods for expanded education, workshops for creative media-makers, a free-use media collection, a research publication and a seminar. Remapping Europe is a project of Doc Next Network, an international partnership of independent cultural organizations working with young people, supporting their documentary and other media productions; its partner is MODE Istanbul in Turkey. Through its efforts, Doc Next seeks to redefine “documentary” and to create a link between the traditional media and the constantly developing world of free culture. To this end, the activities of Remapping Europe stem from one underlying principle: re-mixing of media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imagery of migrants in European societies; ultimately, to ‘re-map’ Europe visually, geographically and mentally. An important result of the project is the archival and creative exposure of present-day perspectives of young (future) citizens on migration, as captured in creative media. It contributes to the European cultural heritage and is a future point of reference in our collective memory.


This remix was made for Nordic CC Film Festival REmix Competition


In search of thrills and a good time two friends are recording their nightly adventures in the big city, but when acting for the camera things get out of control. Are they constructing fun and cool characters or are they revealing dark sides of their personalities?

urban groove

It's a hungarian short HORROR. Only 1,5 MINUTES ! If you like Paranormal activity you will like it ! You should watch with MAX.VOLUME and ALONE IN THE DARK !

Entity {2013} (HD)

Syrreal (2012) 9 min. This is the hugarian "little bother" of Wrong Turn ! Watch it on YouTube in HD and with ENGLISH SUBTITLE !

SYRREAL (Eng.sub.--> YouTube)

Animated magical legend based on a Italo Calvino's story.

The Distance from the Moon

Shor film for the new single of the bulgarian band Ostava.

Good night