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This is a story of a kiss. A street musician is playing on his guitar, as we accompany the midnight walk of a man and a woman. They walk in different rhytms, but slowly their steps align to each other. A street musician is likely to be the only witness of their forbidden moment.

Kiss Me Hard

Panels are everywhere.

Panel Paranoia

The growing of big cities, and the death of villages.


Documentary about the work of the group "Valyo - Város és folyó" (City and the River) in 2013. The team has been working together for four years now to incorporate the river Danube into the life of the city Budapest by actions and community events in public spaces. These events aim to make the riverside places of the city more liveable and cozy. The programme of the 2013 Danube Trail included the creation of giant furnitures with the voluntary work of the people of the city and the first step of the rehabilitation of the ruined public space under the Petőfi Bridge with a light installation, while a minifestival organized by the group encrowdened the Pest side of the Chain Bridge with its cultural programs. The movie let's us know about the future plans of the group: they intend to bring even more action to the banks with a specialized bus. So the story continues...

Valyo - a város és a folyó

Short film about parkour in Sarajevo, made in summer 2012. Camera: Canon 5d Mark II film and edit Dražen Grujić music Dino Aganović parkour crew Sarajevo Edin Džankić Benjamin Siziko Baković Edin Lešo Emir Omeragić Valentino Čolić parkour crew guests Nikola Johnny Čolić Bogdan Cvetković Mirko Plod Svrabić Ševo Saša Hrvoje Žaknić Ayla Sušić Filip Vrdoljak special thanks to Fox Porcupine Moamer Kasumović

PK / 12 / SA

The fragile balance between a literally alive city and its inhabitants is about to be interrupted by a strange newcomer.

Living city

My first ever short film, i hope you enjoy. A disturbed man trapped in thought takes a random trip around London. He finds himself at door number 34 on a north London estate. He slowly enters the house and walks up stairs. The tenant of the house, completely unaware of his presence, leaves his bedroom to go wash his hands. As the tenant goes back into his bedroom the man attacks him from behind and strangles the tenant to death. The man then calmly leaves the house. The next day the strange man arrives at the house and knocks on the door. The tenant then opens the door and the man greets him and with ‘Hi I’m Chris your new housemate”......

Door 34

In search of thrills and a good time two friends are recording their nightly adventures in the big city, but when acting for the camera things get out of control. Are they constructing fun and cool characters or are they revealing dark sides of their personalities?

urban groove

short film on super 8mm,by stratis chatzielenoudas,editing:syni pappa

Subject is known by wat she sees

A super 8mm short film by Stratis Chatzielenoudas based on a poem by Elfriende Jenikel