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LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system. From the director of the Oscar-shortlisted Symphony no. 42

LOVE Teaser

Short fiction film based on the short story „Three Days before my Beloved Threshold“ written by Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite. It's a story about love. The one which is something between fantasy and real life. The one which makes you sit in the front of unknown girl's door for three days. The one which makes you go through all difficulties. That makes you feel disappointed and finally to understand that the path you came through is much more important than the goal. But the most important thing is to know that you don't need to seek for happiness somewhere far away, happiness is always near you.

Waiting for Her

Camelia a tengerparton tervezi megünnepelni fia, Angel születésnapját. A fiú édesapja váratlan eltűnése miatt elszökik, így Camelia kénytelen olyan keresésbe belefogni, amely szembesíti családja széthullásával. Camelia plans to celebrate her son Angel’s birthday. Provoked by the disappearance of his father, Angel escapes, and Camelia is forced to begin a search that will confront her with the failure of her family.

Marea /Trailer/

This is the trailer of our debut feature film. Edited by Péter Duszka. Music: Brains: Positive People Az előzetes a Free Entry című filmhez készült. Információ itt:

Free Entry - One Day of Betty trailer

Imagine a world where a man's voice means everything... Official Facebook: Cast: Darin Angelov, Vasilena Getskova, Kitodar Todorov Director: Martin Iliev - Producer: Maria Metodieva Production company: Wonderland Ltd. Co-producer: Pro Cinema - Director of photography: Martin Balkansky Production design: Jana Krispin Music: Moby; Bjorn Lynne Steadycam: Kiril Valchanov Hair & Make up: Bistra Ketchidjieva Sound: L.P Studio Editor: Martin Iliev Colorist: Todor Todorov

Stereo Love

Official trailer of short film "30 ways to attract man"

30 ways to attract man - trailer

Pełne zanurzenie / Full Dive short film trailer written and directed by / scenariusz i reżyseria Jakub Pączek DOP / zdjęcia Jacek Kędzierski film editor / montaż Ludwik Sielicki PSM cast / obsada: Julia Wyszyńska Magdalena Woleńska Grzegorz Mikołajczyk Piotr Franasowicz Paweł Smagała w trailerze wykorzystano kompozycję Edwarda Sielickiego pt. "Break Dance" tłumaczenie napisów Jacek Kołątaj

Pełne Zanurzenie [Full Dive] trailer

8th edition, Dec 04 - Dec 08, 2013 Białystok, Poland

Zubroffka International Short Film Festival trailer

Why we not enjoy simple authentic things in life? why we search something special and during with search we try to destroy everything in our way? Beautyfull couple cannot enjoy the live together. They need some other thing around: dinner, vine, drugs etc

Ma biche - trailer of film

When the economy is a mess, there is only one thing left to believe in... People! $1 donations are tokens of peoples hopes and dreams, and it's the only funding director Giorgio Caridi (Gio) believes he needs to produce his first movie. Documentary and fiction alternate to create a very unique piece of cinematic magic. The challenge of a small crew who tries to make the first movie in the history to be produced by people hopes.

The One Dollar Movie - Trailer

Cinematic Intro for Anomaly 2 game by 11 Bit Studios, conceived and created by Studio BX. Credits: Story - Benedykt Szneider, Łukasz Kratyński Storyboard - Benedykt Szneider Character Concept - Benedykt Szneider, Jakub Rebelka Background Art - Benedykt Szneider 3D Models - Piotr Rusnarczyk, Marcin Klicki, Arkadiusz Matyszewski Textures - Piotr Rusnarczyk, Marcin Klicki, Maciej Kozłowski, Łukasz Ziobrowski, Arkadiusz Zawada, Benedykt Szneider Animation - Arek Zawada, Łukasz Kratyński Lightning and rendering - Benedykt Szneider Compositing - Łukasz Kratyński Postproduction and FX - Łukasz Kratyński Color Grading - Benedykt Szneider Sound - Krzysztof Lipka, Benedykt Szneider Music - Piotr Musiał Title design and animation - Piotr Niklas Directed by Benedykt Szneider

Anomaly 2 Cinematic Intro (Studio BX)

„Time for tales” is a project for a television series of 6, each episode 30 minutes long, targeted at teenage and child audience. In the show, besides the actors, there will be used puppets, like in the Jim Hanson's “Storyteller” where these series are inspired from, as well as animated characters. There will be visual Fxs. Each episode will tell a story from a different country – the bulgarian “The three brothers and the golden apple”, the japanese “Ice laces” and “A story about the King and the Sorceress” and others. The main idea is to give a fun and easy way for the children to get a feel of the different cultures and values brought to them through the fairy tales told. For the project a 2 min and 20 sec. trailer is shot, in which we have included the most vivid moments from the japanese, bulgarian and the archplot of the series - The story for the king and the sorceress. SYNOPSIS In every episode a fairytale from a different country will be told while the storyteller will be the gathering link between them. There will be an archplot, that will develop in unison with the stories told in the tales of the different episodes. The storyteller in the series is a foreign sorceress that had come in the kingdom with the biggest library in the world. In this library there was an ancient book, that the king couldn't read – The Golden book. It held the secrets of power and wisdom. The Sorceress asked the king to read the book for him, in return she would make him wise and powerful. So she started to read him the tales from the book, each one embroiled with a wise moral. But The King felt the Sorceress's bad influence on him, for she wanted his kingdom. As the wise man that he was, he found a way to send her away without a direct confrontation – he sent her for The Black book far far away with the hope to never see her again. But she manages to get this fabled Black book, becomes stronger and stronger and returns to finally take the kingdom from the king. All the soldiers of the king are no match for her new acquired powers, she defys them easily. She then stands before the king, all sad and lonely, while she is vengeful and ready to exact her revenge... only to understand that one can not punish his beloved.

Time for tales

Trailer of "Misterio", official selection in Berlinale Shorts 2013


Trailer of the short film "Edina".

Edina - Trailer