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A man discovers something he will never forget.


A man is chased by someone.


Subienkow is in mortal danger. The fort he and his fellow fur thieves have erected in the snow is in flames - attacked by the very tribe they enslaved to build it - now only he and Big Ivan remain. As Ivan is tortured before him Subienkow must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him. He calls over the chief, Makamuk, and begins to bargain...

Lost Face

Real men are tough. Real men do not show their emotions ­ they just take what is theirs. But what happens when the things you took take possession of you? Máté, a man around thirty who has seen better days, seeks refuge in a seemingly abandoned cottage deep in the woods of the mountains. He is running away from something or someone – he is like a hungry wolf, defiant, yet longing for some comfort. The cottage belongs to an old woman, who has lived there alone for a long time. The two strangers connect. The old lady lets Máté stay in her cottage as long as he performs some tasks around the house. However, unusual things keep happening in the company of the old lady: Máté starts to have visions about a young woman and a chamois and a red thread appears tied to his foot. The Thread is about the psychological journey one has to take in order to face the consequences of their actions. Healing, though, is only for the brave. If you fail to confront yourself you will end up being destroyed by what you have destroyed.

The Thread (Fonál)

Egy révfalusi srác randira készült, de volt egy kis gond.

Volt egy kis gond

A MagNet Bank "Pénzem épít" rövidfilmpályázatára készült báb-thriller egy üres szobáról és egy misztikus dobozról. elephant studio 2014. Szeged Köszönet Csóti-Gyapjas Dórának, Szügyi Tamásnak és Szőke Jánosnak a segítségért.


Készült Kosztolányi Dezső "A telefon" című novellája nyomán. Írta és rendezte: Galkó Katalin Operatőr és vágó: Rénes Márton Szereplő: Józsa Ferenc Készült a BKF Kameraman szak V. féléves vizsgájára.

A Telefon

A modern-day cautionary Christmas tale. Based around the story of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis.

The Rebel, The Soldier And The Outcast

Diplomafilm BKF 2013. Egy fiatal pár hálószobai beszélgetése mögött több rejlik, mint azt bármelyikük gondolná. Főszerepben Babicsek Bernát, Brózik Klára és Tóth Sándor. Írta és rendezte Marosi Z. András.

A Legszebb Dolog

Little Katie loves fairy tales; beautiful princesses and handsome heroes. And in her young head, the real world is just as wondrous. But a storm is about to wreck her childish fantasy and she'll discover all too soon that not everyone can live happily ever after.


The scene is an alternative Budapest, with a special kind of dictatorship controlled by a company group called GOLDEN DIMENSION…. The marvelous Hungarian capital the way we never wanted to see. Lens is dark, cynical character of this world. With his special ability of unknown origin, under the influence of a drug, he can burn the pictures of the past and the future into photosensitive paper. Lens hates the present because he understands the past and sees the future. He sells his ability as an outlaw private detective or cheap showman. One day the position of the oppressing power seems to get unstable as some strictly confidential documents are stolen from the home of the president of the Golden Dimension. Ironically, it is the specially skilled Lens who gets the task to find the person who could ruin the oppressing system by using the stolen incriminating evidence When he gets to the robbery scene it’s all set up for the experiment. He administers his drog, sticks the photosensitive paper on his nape and waits for the vision to come… By retrieving the pictures of the past, Lens finds out the identity of the unknown thief and even gets a glimpse of some images from the near future. But this future offers nothing good for Lens: he is facing a gun and gets a bullet into his forehead. Is it possible for Lens to put together the pieces of his visions, can he catch the thief and prevent his own violent death?

The Developer

A found footage short film that will leave you looking over your shoulder...

Opposite No. 30

Two girls have their friendship tested one summer's eve when they discover a mysterious charm bracelet. The simplicity and style of this piece is influenced by my love of 70's and 80's campy style horror films as well as taboos my mother used to scare me with concerning taking things that didn't belong to me all growing up. Even to this day.

The Last Summer (Silent Film)

My first ever short film, i hope you enjoy. A disturbed man trapped in thought takes a random trip around London. He finds himself at door number 34 on a north London estate. He slowly enters the house and walks up stairs. The tenant of the house, completely unaware of his presence, leaves his bedroom to go wash his hands. As the tenant goes back into his bedroom the man attacks him from behind and strangles the tenant to death. The man then calmly leaves the house. The next day the strange man arrives at the house and knocks on the door. The tenant then opens the door and the man greets him and with ‘Hi I’m Chris your new housemate”......

Door 34

'Trapped' is the story of a girl, who has been locked in a basement for months. She spends every day planning her escape, but maybe she has planned it a little too well?


PG — Parental guidance suggested: This Short Film shows us that often imagination runs ahead of reality. Two totally different people meet on a train, so one starts to imagine who the other one is, finally it turns out that the imagination is not reality, people generally tend to imagine firstly negative and grotesque about the person next to them that usually do not match the reality, but it still contains some pieces of the truth... This short film was filmed on Canon DSLRs ------------------------------------------------------------ Related information can be found at:


It's a hungarian short HORROR. Only 1,5 MINUTES ! If you like Paranormal activity you will like it ! You should watch with MAX.VOLUME and ALONE IN THE DARK !

Entity {2013} (HD)

A lady sits at a swimming pool. She seems to want to go swimming but something is stopping her. What is it? And will she end up in the luscious water? A one minute film that makes your brain work.