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Creation dates 9..0
Jeremy, a seventeen year-old high school student is repeating a year and has totally lost interest in the educational system.  One day, he blows a fuse and violently frees himself from the misery school is synonymous with. But moving away from the right path instantly leads one to descend into hell. 

The Dunce's Odyssey

Girl, mother, lover - all in the body of a teenager. Maja has to face the responsibility of early motherhood. Being a child herself she can't stand the pressure. Running away from her beloved baby turns out to be her first mature decision.


Jurek, a sixteen year old cottage boy, has problems at vocational school – he is a permanent liar. Soon his ability to make things up will be very useful to him. After his granny, who is very close to him, is taken to hospital, Jurek has to deal with his father, who is an alcoholic. A moving story about dreams and coming to terms with lot.

Grandma has gone