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One night a terrified stranger arrives at a deserted bar. He joins the only drinker at a nearby table and asks if he wants to know a 'secret'...

Stephen Laws' THE SECRET

It's a hungarian short HORROR. Only 1,5 MINUTES ! If you like Paranormal activity you will like it ! You should watch with MAX.VOLUME and ALONE IN THE DARK !

Entity {2013} (HD)

A girl hasn't been able to contact her friend for a while so she pays him visit. Yet she fails to find him. Instead, she comes across something unexpected. Something got loose. Something that was never supposed to..! A short film by SilverFilms and Kaos Industries. Written and Directed by: Koppány Ezüst Camera and Editing: András Bohó Music and Sound effects: Debrecen Fantasy Orchesta hashtags: horror, incarnation, shadow, house, girl, spectre, fight, beast, blood, gore, death, supernatural, vér, lány, ház, árny, szörny, természetfeletti, misztikus, pentagram, fantasy

Megtestesülés (Incarnation)