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This movie is symbolically and realistically presenting the idea and questions about street artists and their payments. This art movie is actually one scene from a long length movie which is still in progress, called "Just because love here is not enough?" made in Berlin by "No budget, Full Spirit Production".

About Street Art Payments

When I first came to Mytilene fort he first time, I was impressed by the graffiti and writings on the walls. I didn’t spead Greek, but they were pretty spectacular. They made me feel as if they were crying out to be read, understood, recorded and repeated. I couldn’t stop myself, and shot and recorded them all. Anyway, the Street is the beginning of everything, isn’t it? Riots, wars, lives… Erciyes Film Festival, Finalist: I Missed the Bus, 2013, Turkey 66. Cannes Film Festival, Turkish Stand Section: I Missed the Bus, 2013 I. Talas Culture and Art Festival, Documentary Contest, Finalist, 2013, Turkey Tübingen Medien Festival, Screening: I Missed the Bus, 2013 – Germany 5. Leden International Short Film Experience, Offical Competition, 2013, Netherlands

I Missed the Bus

This photo collage and video poem deals with grass, the motorway and sound effects.