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Peter Sibley is a determined, active man; he enjoys tennis, gardening and exercise. Peter has lived in the same small seaside community of Llandudno for 56 of his 74 years. “Peter After Peter” is an affectionate character study of my neighbour and friend of many years. Previously, Peter worked as a sales rep (special area; typewriters) for Olivetti, winning the Staff Prize year on year for optimum sales. Peter thinks salesmanship is the same as acting and truly believes that his success at one guarantees his success at the other. Five years ago Peter debuted in the short film “Peter”, playing himself. Shortlisted for Ridley Scott’s “A Day in the Life” series, the film was broadcast by South Africa’s national broadcaster. In Peter’s mind, a star was born. “Peter After Peter” follows the stages Peter goes through in order to become a working performer; conceptualising and producing a z-card, meetings with potential agents and various castings. Self-promotion. Failure. Success. Failure. Peter After Peter.

Peter After Peter

Only 4500 black rhinos remain worldwide and are critically endangered. If we can't save the black rhinos, what will be the next species to disappear?

What Will Be the Next Species

Why do we need to care about crocodiles? What is their place in the natural world?

Mazda Crocodile