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What do Bingo and SpongeBob have in common? Dusan, an eight-year-old boy trapped in limbo between two polar opposite worlds, spends his time amongst gambling adults in a casino while his imagination is captivated by children’s television series. When does one grow up? Let's play and find out!


The world as seen through the eyes of a little girl who believes herself to be a princess and her father – a knight fighting bad monsters. She possesses a universal weapon- imagination, which helps her survive in the non-ideal reality of grown-ups. Though every day brings her a step closer to crossing that magic border of our childhood when we realize that the world might be different from what we believed... (submitted to Friss Hús Film Festival)

Smutne Potwory (Sad Monsters)

Juli washes dishes and serves drinks all day. Adam hands out leaflets on the street. This is the day their secrets fall flat: they have to tell their mother that they have taken it too far. This is a film about boundaries, responsibility and what happens when love isn’t enough to save the day. When your love is the wrong kind of love.

Együtt/Carry Me Away