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Two girls have their friendship tested one summer's eve when they discover a mysterious charm bracelet. The simplicity and style of this piece is influenced by my love of 70's and 80's campy style horror films as well as taboos my mother used to scare me with concerning taking things that didn't belong to me all growing up. Even to this day.

The Last Summer (Silent Film)

"A classic romantic silent movie, in which a cleaning lady of a 1920s theatre finds herself accidentally fulfilling her two most deepest desires." This short film was completely written, filmed and edited in just one weekend for the 48 Hour Film Project Amsterdam 2012.

The Broom

A writer moves to a remote beach house in a desperate attempt to end his writer's block, but it proved to be much harder than expected.

Zeespiegel (Sea-level)

A journey through life, soundtracked by Arnold Schoenberg. Made from public domain footage taken from the Prelinger Archive.

Atonal - A Prelinger Mashup