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This work is based on a poem made during the autocracy of Hungary, called Családi kör by Arany János. With the abstract image and the suggestive sounds we recreated the cold, melancholic atmosphere which was specific at that time. There is two part in the video, one view from the outside of the village courtyard, and the other is from inside of the family's house. The act follows the storyline of the actual poem. This work was awarded with III. place on the Wágner Nándor competition in may of 2017. /Cast: Kádár Klaudia and Sarkadi Imola /Place: Nagyvárad, Románia 2017

Családi kör

This short film is about a boy, who is sitting alone at home in silence with his dreams, memories and fears. But the silence disturbs him more and more, so he tries to make some real sounds, while he is waiting for his parents. This film is based on a feeling. When you are alone, you feel that...