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“Two Strangers, one Secret, a lot to lose” Paloma shares a dark secret with Stephen that she uses to play with him according to her rules. Torn in between being attracted and scared of him, she starts following him everywhere he goes, trying to find out more about him and his secret. “Like A Summer Sonata” consists of four different parts that are named after the classical structure of a Sonata. The black and white element makes it a timeless and surreal modern- day fairytale with an open ending in which several moral questions are being asked.

"Like A Summer Sonata" (Trailer)

Laura, une adolescente d’origine anglaise vient de perdre sa mère. Pour surmonter ce drame, son père la conduit chez sa tante à la campagne pour les vacances. A son arrivée, elle rencontre Max, un jeune homme du village. Leur rencontre sera décisive pour lui réapprendre à vivre... Laura, a teenager native to England has just lost her mother. To overcome this tragedy, his father led her to her aunt's home to the country for the holidays. Upon her arrival, she meets Max, a young man from the village. Their meeting will be decisive for her relearn to live ...

Le Cerf-Volant (The Kite)

Roberto is a lonely man who must face his chief and the requirements of this one, if He wants to make a living as a professional photographer. His life, without knowing it, will be connected to an architect whose life is ruled by his past. In the middle of these two worlds, is Natalia. She just wants to live the present… Mexican production please visit us at


An Echo can be heard long after the sound; and so it is with Love.


Victor makes a Mauritian flag for his seven-year-old son on Independance Day. He goes to pick up his son, who lives with his ex-wife. But on the journey, he loses his flag...

Rouzblézonnver (Red Blue Yellow Green)

A young man called Arish enters a dream where he finds himself lying on the floor in an empty house.A strange man called 'Lapin' hands him a strange box qnd ,when he wakes up he tries very hard to remember his dream qnd what is inside the box which will lead him to the truth.

Bread Dream