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Subienkow is in mortal danger. The fort he and his fellow fur thieves have erected in the snow is in flames - attacked by the very tribe they enslaved to build it - now only he and Big Ivan remain. As Ivan is tortured before him Subienkow must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him. He calls over the chief, Makamuk, and begins to bargain...

Lost Face

“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” is a modern day fairy tale in black and white that tells the story of a man (Eamon) who never shed a tear in his life. Having watched other people cry, he realises that he is different than everybody else. Eamon is fascinated by people who are able to show their emotions and doesn’t just record them crying with his camera, but also collects their tears in test tubes. When he meets Emily, a young woman who can’t stop crying, he overcomes his shyness and invites her to stay with him. Two strangers, who couldn’t be more different from each other, share an intense time together that changes their lives forever.

"The Man Who Couldn't Cry" (Trailer)

“Two Strangers, one Secret, a lot to lose” Paloma shares a dark secret with Stephen that she uses to play with him according to her rules. Torn in between being attracted and scared of him, she starts following him everywhere he goes, trying to find out more about him and his secret. “Like A Summer Sonata” consists of four different parts that are named after the classical structure of a Sonata. The black and white element makes it a timeless and surreal modern- day fairytale with an open ending in which several moral questions are being asked.

"Like A Summer Sonata" (Trailer)

LOLA likes to get into cars with strangers- to get away, to take the risk and do something unexpected, dangerous and exciting. Every time Lola meets someone new, she makes up a story and identity, but most of the time, she calls herself “Lola” and tells them that she wants to see the sea. Hitchhiking has become her hobby and taking a risk her passion until one day someone makes her see herself in a different light. (This film is also available with German, Spanish and Italian subtitles)

"Lola wants to see the sea" (Trailer)

Written and directed by Paolo Arrighetti - Photography by Kalmár Sándor - Editing by Noemi Mehrli and Sandor Kalmar - Assistant Director Mario Cossu

Üzleti út - Viaggio Daffari

Anne Dignan is photographer who suffers from progressive visual impairment. Her involvement with art helps her and others to assert their place in the world. Setting up photographic exhibition is her dream, but would passion to art help her overcome health limitations and everyday-life obstacles?

Arty Anne

The freshest international and Hungarian short films are coming, from 25-29th of March, in Toldi Cinema! / A legfrissebb nemzetközi és hazai rövidfilmek, március 25-29ig a Toldi mozi műsorán!

Friss Hús 3.0 International Short Film Festival

Cassandra est une jeune fille attachée à son père, qui souffre en silence de l’éloignement d’avec sa mère, partie en Australie. Nicolas est un petit garçon souffrant d’asthme, et est toujours avec sa ventoline et sa peluche. Le petit garçon et la jeune adolescente devenant adulte vont être rapprochés par l’union de leur parent. Au départ timides et silencieux l’un envers l’autre, le petit garçon et la jeune fille vont nouer une réelle complicité, et va naître entre eux une véritable relation petit frère/grande sœur…

Big sister (Grande soeur)

IDEGENEK Soha nem tudhatjuk, hogy kivel hoz össze az élet… “Véletlen” találkozások? Sorsszerű találkozások? Vajon mi irányítunk? Mennyi befolyásunk van az életünk alakulására? Emberek, akik nem ismerik egymást, de valamilyen rejtély hirtelen összeköti az életüket egy időre. A NŐ egy hotelszobában ébred. Zuhany, smink, öltözés. SMS, benne egy hely és egy időpont. A NŐ elindul. Bank, széf, csomag, pályaudvar, csomagmegőrző, kis delikát üzlet. A NŐ záráskor ér a megadott címre, de nem BERNARD fogadja. “BERNARD elment” – mondja a FÉRFI. A NŐ meglepődik, nem a FÉRFIra számított. A FÉRFI megijed, nem számított senkire. Gyanakvóan végigmérik egymást. Mindkettejüknek van titka, de valami mégis összeköti őket. A FÉRFInak tetszik a NŐ. A NŐ nem akar különösebben ismerkedni, csak BERNARDdal találkozni. A FÉRFI szerint BERNARD nem fog visszajönni. A NŐ nem örül. A FÉRFI együttérzően letelepszik mellé az asztalhoz, és egy ideig némán figyeli, aztán fecsegni kezd. Egy guruló autó kíváncsian fürkésző, lassan mozgó árnya visszarántja a valóságba. Amikor a zseblámpák fénye végigfut a helyiségen, a NŐ hirtelen magához húzza a FÉRFIt, és megcsókolja. Amikor az autó elmegy, a csók véget ér. A NŐ úgy viselkedik, mintha semmi nem történt volna. A NŐ átöltözik, közben a FÉRFI talál valamit, amit talán BERNARD hagyott ott a NŐnek. Összenéznek. A NŐ, amilyen hirtelen csöppent a FÉRFI életébe, olyan hirtelen távozik is. Idegenek. Talán soha többet nem találkoznak, de egy fél órára összefonódik az életük. STRANGERS We never know who life sets us up with… “Chance” encounters? Encounters governed by fate? Are we in control? How much influence do we have over the events in our lives? People who never met before, suddenly bound together by some mystery for a short time. The WOMAN wakes up in a hotel room. Shower, make-up, getting dressed. Text message with a place and a time. The WOMAN heads out. Bank, safe, package, railway station, luggage deposit, small deli shop. The WOMAN arrives at the given address at closing time, but it’s not BERNARD welcoming her. ‘BERNARD left’, says the MAN. The WOMAN is surprised – she wasn’t expecting the MAN. The MAN is frightened – he wasn’t expecting anyone. They are sizing each other up with suspicion. They both have a secret, but somehow, some way they are connected. The MAN finds the WOMAN attractive. The WOMAN is not really interested in anything, other than meeting BERNARD. According to the MAN, BERNARD is not coming back. The WOMAN is not pleased. The MAN sympathetically settles down to the table next to her, silently watching her for a while, then starts to chat. He is pulled back to reality by the curiously scrutinizing shadow of a slowly moving car. As beams of flashlights invade the room, the WOMAN suddenly pulls the MAN close and kisses him. With the car leaving, the kiss ends. The WOMAN acts like nothing has happened. The woman changes her clothes. The MAN finds something that BERNARD left for the WOMAN. Their eyes meet. Just as abruptly as she entered the life of the MAN, the WOMAN leaves. They are strangers. They will probably never meet again, but their lives were intertwined for half an hour.

Idegenek / Strangers

A Shy Lonely Young Man (SLYM) arrives in a new country, in a strange new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbour on the balcony opposite his new room. He tries desperately to be noticed, yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation. SLYM is not giving up though – he has one more idea to try. Can he catch her attention and win her heart?

Love at First Sight

Yamame grew up in an orphanage. When she turns 18 she is informed that her grandparents are alive. She goes to live with her dementia afflicted grandma and meets an odd caregiver, Tanishi.


Matthew tries to save the one he loves from dying.

The Yellow Daffodils

MUCO Pictures LLC presents "Knightmares" a short film by Nicholas M. Holmes. The story KNIGHTMARES evolves around the young boy Luke, who grows up with an autistic brother named Tommy. Luke feels rejected by his family as they are spending more time with Tommy, which makes Luke flee into a different world. This world is a combination of his imagination and his favaorite computer games. Disguised as a fearless Ninja, Luke has to fight demons, which represent his biggest fears in real life to overcome them in reality.


A girl and a guy live fragmented divided by the same question


While flipping pancakes at a diner, a desperate anime fan nerd, Jack, meets a girl, Lilith, of his fantasy that resembles his favorite anime character, prompting him to make an appearance change to get her attention. The courtship plan crumbles after he must face her bullying boyfriend, Lazer, forcing Jack to make a decision between returning to who he was or to turn over a new leaf.


Jake (Oscar Torre) has lost all his money, stuck in a bar in the middle of nowhere, doesn't know, how to get home. He meets a mysterious stranger, Kingston (Mauricio Mendoza), who makes him an extraordinary offer to help him get home: buying Jake's soul. But after the deal, something strange happens.


Phantasmagoria of love, natural power and inner mystery of us. Whether far we have come from the beasts as we used to think sometimes?


"The language of Love is such a sweet music that lyrics are not so demanded." Maxine and Sasha come together. Their relationship could be a nice story, but the unreal presence of an Indian not very convenient and a mannered ballerina prevents the love story to be told...

Body Language

Follow the development of the film here: KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN set to launch end November 2013. From The Womb to the Tomb is a stop-motion puppet short film about the fear of aging. This very ambitious project is planned to be released late 2014.

From the Womb to the Tomb (Test-Teaser 2)

Two girls have their friendship tested one summer's eve when they discover a mysterious charm bracelet. The simplicity and style of this piece is influenced by my love of 70's and 80's campy style horror films as well as taboos my mother used to scare me with concerning taking things that didn't belong to me all growing up. Even to this day.

The Last Summer (Silent Film)