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Real men are tough. Real men do not show their emotions ­ they just take what is theirs. But what happens when the things you took take possession of you? Máté, a man around thirty who has seen better days, seeks refuge in a seemingly abandoned cottage deep in the woods of the mountains. He is running away from something or someone – he is like a hungry wolf, defiant, yet longing for some comfort. The cottage belongs to an old woman, who has lived there alone for a long time. The two strangers connect. The old lady lets Máté stay in her cottage as long as he performs some tasks around the house. However, unusual things keep happening in the company of the old lady: Máté starts to have visions about a young woman and a chamois and a red thread appears tied to his foot. The Thread is about the psychological journey one has to take in order to face the consequences of their actions. Healing, though, is only for the brave. If you fail to confront yourself you will end up being destroyed by what you have destroyed.

The Thread (Fonál)

“Flowers dancing in the rain” is a short musical film-metaphor. Some people will say that it’s a fairytale, and they will be right. Others will say that everything is possible, and they will be right as well. Every one of us is very different, and this film is just about that. It’s not about the flowers, music, and not even about the love between a man and a woman. At the same time, this film includes all of the above. But, most importantly, this film is about that important quality that almost all of us lose when we get older – an ability to enjoy the miracles that surround us everywhere. In our pursuit of happiness we move from it even further, we give in to the rules of the society that imposes its habits upon us. Yes, we are very dependent on money, social status, and various fancy things. But does a lot of money makes us happier? Does having an enormous amount of things make our lives more fulfilled? The world is trying to trick us, and it often succeeds. This is a film about those who are able to accept the world for what it truly is – a wonderful miracle.

Flowers dancing in the rain

Mese arról a napról, amikor a vihar istennője elvesztette szélkavaró szárnyas cipőjét és villámgerjesztő orrszarvúját.


Benjamin and Anna come across at a gallery. They seem strangers. But soon engage in some to-the-point small-talk and start a crazy, but romantic flirt-game. Anna as the seducer. Benjamin running after her. As the night passes, it becomes obvious that this was not their first rendezvous, but perhaps the last one.

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