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Minden fiatal életében fontos esemény, ha lehetőséget kap arra, hogy Ifjúsági Bálon vehessen részt. A film ezt az izgalmas készülődést és sietséget öleli körül a párkapcsolatok hátulütőivel, a készülődés fontosságával és időigényességével, végül, de nem utolsó sorban a bállal magával, ahol bármi megtörténhet. Ebben a filmben hangsúlyozni szeretném, hogy a szerelemnek nincsen neme.


This is a story of a kiss. A street musician is playing on his guitar, as we accompany the midnight walk of a man and a woman. They walk in different rhytms, but slowly their steps align to each other. A street musician is likely to be the only witness of their forbidden moment.

Kiss Me Hard

A mashup of the educational public domain film "Beginning To Date" (1953).

First Date

A romantic drama about a young couple who is, more or less successfully, coping with the imposed clichés about modern married life and the frames the society puts it in. Director's biography: Sara Hribar (Zagreb, 1986) started studying Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art in 2005. She writes, produces and directs medium-length feature films, awarded in Croatia and abroad: Let Me Sleep (2007, shown at 30 festivals and received 15 awards, awarded Golden Pram for Best film from Checkers program at Zagreb Film (Festival), Tell Me about Love (2008), Libertango (2009), That Little Hand of Yours (2010), In a Winter Night (2012).

From one day to another

Sarah, a young and extremely shy orthodox Jew, is waiting for her parents to come take her to a Shidduch, the appointment with the purpose of introducing women for an arranged marriage; While waiting, she meets Mohanad, an Arab-Muslim plumber who came to her house in order to fix the plumbing, accidently arriving while her parents are away. Unable to speak to a man directly, Sarah communicates with Mohanad by phone or behind closed doors only. Never seeing one another or knowing who the other is, an unimagined friendship grows between the two very different type of people. My segment from the feature-length film project "Water" which is a cooperation between 7 Israeli and Palestinian directors who made 7 different short films, all depicting life in Israel & Palestine and the current conflicts surrounding the theme of "water".

Now and Forever

Honorable Mention at Aarhus Short Film Challenge 2014

Short Promise

Honorable Mention at Aarhus Short Film Challenge 2014

Evig Troskab (Eternal Fidelity)

3rd Jury Prize winner of Aarhus Short Film Challenge


2nd Jury Prize Winner of Aarhus Short Film Challenge 2014

8 Seconds

A teenage boy attempts to put into practice his father's conception of masculinity when left to fend for himself amongst a group of older kids.

Little Shadow

While flipping pancakes at a diner, a desperate anime fan nerd, Jack, meets a girl, Lilith, of his fantasy that resembles his favorite anime character, prompting him to make an appearance change to get her attention. The courtship plan crumbles after he must face her bullying boyfriend, Lazer, forcing Jack to make a decision between returning to who he was or to turn over a new leaf.


"The language of Love is such a sweet music that lyrics are not so demanded." Maxine and Sasha come together. Their relationship could be a nice story, but the unreal presence of an Indian not very convenient and a mannered ballerina prevents the love story to be told...

Body Language

Multi awarded short film. We follow the emotional overnight journey of a young woman through Bombay's streets. She feels the presence of a man but does this man really exist? The unpredictable ending will give us the answer. The film is full of emotions and suspense without any word spoken. The photography and the music track make it an unforgettable experience.

The Au Revoir

Experimental film following the young boy with a magic outer beauty as he learns how shallow place the world can be. His beauty power makes his life very light and boring because he does not have to face to the conflict. One day his alienation itself creates black paddle from his finger and takes him to the journey to experience his first love. In his black paddle, he learns the paradox of love. Life is not only sweet. It tastes like a salty black sugar.

Salty Black Sugar

He loves her. She is going to put him through the test. In the dark, dark eyes are quietly watching them...

A sonata.

Young Uno loves the angelic waitress Villa, but he is too shy to talk to her. A stranger named Pativol gives Uno an advice. Is belief the answer to his fears? This semi-autobiographical miniature romance dances through a beautiful town.


Christina, a young girl of unidentified age and origin and her partner, Ray, who transforms in the course of the film from her “daddy” to her “lover” to her “pimp”, wander the streets of New York, the Big Apple, in search of food, dope and shelter.

Lullaby for Ray

One minute stop motion film about... A film by Balázs Szövényi-Lux

Human Wonder

Short Film written, directed, edited by Henri Van der Mandele.


Trailer for my 2010 film "A.L.I.C.E.". Playing in 36 festivals on 6 continents.

A.L.I.C.E. trailer