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This short film was inspired by Aldous Huxley's novel "The Brave New World". In this film I tried to capture moments, small details or special nuances of the city to get as close to the city's atmosphere as possible. Meanwhile the aim was to show a diverse culture which represents the old and historical cityscape and compares it with the new, fashionable and fast-moving city-life.

Szép Új Világ (Brave New World)

This is your film submitted to "Impossible Film Contest 2012" contest.

Hitler the octopus and Aba Smuél at the flea market

Tempo reinvent the time-space and transform the action of city life through movement and rates, sound and pictures. Tempo is adagio, allegro and presto. Tempo is noise and calm, hustle and quiet, peace and fast. Tempo are footsteps, rain and escalators.