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"La Paix est un rêve suspendu" (Kofi Annan)

The Way Of Hope

Otium means rest. Our dog recovered from a serious injury. These moving images are the tribute of this situation. The stress it caused, the pain and the relief after all the trials.


This is your film submitted to "Impossible Film Contest 2012" contest.

In the afternoon

Trailer for the compilation DVD "Seven & Seven", 7 films made by me between 2000-2007: Mini Driver Project (2000) Dottie: The Little Girl with the Big Voice (2002) Thoroughly Modern Mili (2003) A Life of Death (2003) The Pawn (2004) God's Good Pleasure (2006) 68 Degrees and Clear (2007)

Seven & Seven (trailer)


LOGLINE --- Tough Girls don't dream is being placed in a world where it is illicit and illegal to sleep, but where some are paid to sleep so that the non-sleepers can witness their dreams, though love can rarely be found... --- SYNOPSIS --- In a depressing, dreamless world a girl, who can't find her place, falls in love with another. Their love is dream in this dreary world, where people want to exploit every minute, without saving time for important things. Every artificial pleasure is available, though what has been natural, like sleep, dream, love or timeless togetherness seems to be gone forever. --- 10 mins, colour, 1:1,85, stereo // Hungary, 2011 --- Based on the short story "Disappearance I." by Jeanette Winterson --- Director: Zsófia Zsemberi | Producers: Ferenc Pusztai, Dora Nedeczky, Miklós Bosnyák | DOP: Edit Blaumann | Composer: Márton Kristóf | Production companies: KMH Film, University of Drama, Film and Television | Recording format: 35mm | Screening format: blue ray / DVD / DigitBeta

Tough Girls Don't Dream