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Fed up with the nothingness in her life, a mother commits suicide in her large white house. In the next 24 hours we will come to know each member of her family, as they never seem to notice her meaningless death - too preoccupied with their own sufferings to notice anyone else around them. Even when they live wall to wall to each other.

Wall To Wall

Sarah, a young and extremely shy orthodox Jew, is waiting for her parents to come take her to a Shidduch, the appointment with the purpose of introducing women for an arranged marriage; While waiting, she meets Mohanad, an Arab-Muslim plumber who came to her house in order to fix the plumbing, accidently arriving while her parents are away. Unable to speak to a man directly, Sarah communicates with Mohanad by phone or behind closed doors only. Never seeing one another or knowing who the other is, an unimagined friendship grows between the two very different type of people. My segment from the feature-length film project "Water" which is a cooperation between 7 Israeli and Palestinian directors who made 7 different short films, all depicting life in Israel & Palestine and the current conflicts surrounding the theme of "water".

Now and Forever

Dialógus az elvándorlásról !


While flipping pancakes at a diner, a desperate anime fan nerd, Jack, meets a girl, Lilith, of his fantasy that resembles his favorite anime character, prompting him to make an appearance change to get her attention. The courtship plan crumbles after he must face her bullying boyfriend, Lazer, forcing Jack to make a decision between returning to who he was or to turn over a new leaf.


A History Of HOPE - EPISODE #4 - Post-Prudction The story behind "The One Dollar Movie" - FACEBOOK : - WEBSITE : - IMDB :

A Hisotry of Hope - Episode #4

Humiliation and violence punctuate the life of this broken man. The silence's his refuge, the perversion his outlet. Directed by Yoann Luis Produced by MILITAN Films With: - Brice Fournier - Rodolphe Paulet - Brigitte Chambon - Clementine Wert - Ursula Kautto


funny rendezvouz with Zazie de Paris at Funkturm Restaurant. joking about Berlin artists and tourists.

Im Himmel über Berlin

first episode of an episodic movie that deals about a nurse who designs a new love drug from common medicine that even can make dead bodies alive. with the help of her love drug she tries to marry a doctor, but unfortunately her collegue came along when she gave the love drug to him. but at their wedding party she will find another victim of her "love". the theatre play Heute ist ja nur die Zukunft von gestern by Volker Luedecke is available at Drei Masken Verlag, München.

Heute ist ja nur die Zukunft von gestern

Animated magical legend based on a Italo Calvino's story.

The Distance from the Moon

This is your film submitted to "Impossible Film Contest 2012" contest.

Frammenti [Scraps]

This film is a short movie that I have filmed with my best friend and colleague. It is a pamphlet ment to criticize and mock the European Economic Crisis that hit us more than three years ago. It's a funny-happy-weird story and I hope you guys will enjoy it and smile for a while. If you like it, don't forget to vote. Thank You!

Crisis Double Eggs