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I was born in Septa, the border city between Spain and Morocco. Now I’ve returned 15 years after I left, but the place I’ve found is completely different that the place I grew up. This film was supposed to be the diary of my journey, but I met someone else voices, another border diaries. "Border Diaries", an exquisitely shot and poetic meditation on the plight of African immigrants trying to reach Spain from the enclave of Ceuta on the North African coast, the film intercuts strikingly beautiful cinematography that dwells on moments and rituals of southern Spanish culture (fisherman’s processions, fairgrounds, military parades) with grainy mobile phone ‘found’ footage of an actual group of young men preparing to attempt the sea crossing from their make-ship refugee camp. Poetic, atmospheric and reflective, a thoughtful essay on the lure versus the reality of promised lands.CCA Glasgow "Border diaries" de Irene Gutiérrez está ambientada a ambos lados de la frontera que separa Europa de África, en Ceuta. Mezcla imágenes filmadas en la época de su infancia en esta ciudad con actuales filmadas por ella. Además, incluye autograbaciones de un grupo de personas que intenta traspasar esta frontera, para alcanzar el "sueño europeo". Este conjunto de perspectivas la convierte en una película "nada pretenciosa", y sobre todo, "honesta", en palabras de uno de los miembros de la Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA).