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Omid wants to work as a doctor at all costs, but he is not allowed to register as a doctor. His Iranian clearance certificate has expired. Omid begins to seek patients in the immediate neighbourhood: he handles his first cases illegally in the asylum center, the drugs he uses were stolen from the hospital. If he is discovered, his family is threatened with early deportation. The quirky social worker Uwe wants to persuade Omid to abandon his plans. Pilot film of a medical series set in a refugee centre.


Egy a sok közül. A gondolatot, mely a kiutazásra asszociál, egy üzenet teljesíti ki. Az utazás alatt a kedvelt, szép helyek villannak be emlékezetébe. Azonban a döntés meghozatala már végleges. This is your film submitted to "Ahol a kurta farkú malac" contest.

Egy gondolat, egy döntés

People may say, home is where you were born or where your family is. But for me home is where I feel safe and free. Home is where I can be myself.

Between Homelands

A man is woken up whilst sleeping in a van with other illegal immigrants as himself. After being kicked out he sets off to find his contact person, who finally doesn't help him the way he expected.

The Promise