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Minden fiatal életében fontos esemény, ha lehetőséget kap arra, hogy Ifjúsági Bálon vehessen részt. A film ezt az izgalmas készülődést és sietséget öleli körül a párkapcsolatok hátulütőivel, a készülődés fontosságával és időigényességével, végül, de nem utolsó sorban a bállal magával, ahol bármi megtörténhet. Ebben a filmben hangsúlyozni szeretném, hogy a szerelemnek nincsen neme.


A fiú az állomáson várakozik, amikor észreveszi a lányt. Leül mellé, de megszólítani nem meri. Később, a vonatablakon keresztül újra meglátják egymást. A fiú elkéri a lány telefonszámát, de az utolsó két számot nem sikerül felírnia. Másnap egy barátja tanácsára végighívja az összes lehetséges kombinációt remélve, hogy egyszer csak a lány szólal majd meg a vonal másik végén. // The boy is waiting at the train station when he notices the girl. He sits beside her, but can’t start a conversation. Later, they see each other again through the train window. The boy asks for her phone number, but misses the last two figures as the girl's train is already on the way. Next day, following his friend’s advice, he decides to call all the possible one hundred combinations believing that one would be her’s.

LÁV on the MÁV / LOVE on the MÁV

It’s hard to find a new relationship especially if you not interested in balloon fetish.

Rendes lányok / Great Gals

A man wakes up confused and finds a note on the bedside. Trying to find out what happened the previous night, he decides to call the mysterious number. Soon, a fascinating woman rings at his door. From that moment, a new dimension of life is revealed to him.


LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system. From the director of the Oscar-shortlisted Symphony no. 42

LOVE Teaser

“Flowers dancing in the rain” is a short musical film-metaphor. Some people will say that it’s a fairytale, and they will be right. Others will say that everything is possible, and they will be right as well. Every one of us is very different, and this film is just about that. It’s not about the flowers, music, and not even about the love between a man and a woman. At the same time, this film includes all of the above. But, most importantly, this film is about that important quality that almost all of us lose when we get older – an ability to enjoy the miracles that surround us everywhere. In our pursuit of happiness we move from it even further, we give in to the rules of the society that imposes its habits upon us. Yes, we are very dependent on money, social status, and various fancy things. But does a lot of money makes us happier? Does having an enormous amount of things make our lives more fulfilled? The world is trying to trick us, and it often succeeds. This is a film about those who are able to accept the world for what it truly is – a wonderful miracle.

Flowers dancing in the rain

My most successful low-budget viral video so far has gained more than 26 million views in 4 months on the video share channels. Through the film we wanted to draw attention to basic human values like respect of life and responsibility.


This is a story of a kiss. A street musician is playing on his guitar, as we accompany the midnight walk of a man and a woman. They walk in different rhytms, but slowly their steps align to each other. A street musician is likely to be the only witness of their forbidden moment.

Kiss Me Hard

A mashup of the educational public domain film "Beginning To Date" (1953).

First Date

A love letter means being strong enough to look forward. The places and the streeet have memory and the future is a bridge. Being scared does not lead anywhere. The heart is in the past, in the places and people we left. But the heart is alwasy ahead as well. Waiting for us. Beyond the bridge.

As ever

Short fiction film based on the short story „Three Days before my Beloved Threshold“ written by Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite. It's a story about love. The one which is something between fantasy and real life. The one which makes you sit in the front of unknown girl's door for three days. The one which makes you go through all difficulties. That makes you feel disappointed and finally to understand that the path you came through is much more important than the goal. But the most important thing is to know that you don't need to seek for happiness somewhere far away, happiness is always near you.

Waiting for Her

3 történet a szerelemről című szkeccsfilm II. része. / II. Part of the sketchfilm, '3 Shorts of Love'.

Stuck / Megrekedve

3 történet a szerelemről című szkeccsfilm III. része / 3rd part of the sketchfilm '3 Shorts of Love'

New Era of Neighbouring Happiness / Boldog szomszédság új korszaka

It's about how the life of a brother and sister change through the years. Although literally we have different perspectives, after all we are connected by the invisible tie: love.

Invisible Tie

Animated short film by Zsuzsanna Kreif and Borcsa Zétényi. 8 woman, a remote island, and the quest for true love

Limbo-Limbo Travel

A Shy Lonely Young Man (SLYM) arrives in a new country, in a strange new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbour on the balcony opposite his new room. He tries desperately to be noticed, yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation. SLYM is not giving up though – he has one more idea to try. Can he catch her attention and win her heart?

Love at First Sight



Animacija je narejena iz nekaj idej, risb, besed in misli, ki so jih obiskovalci oddali v določene nabiralnike za leta 2012 v mestu Maribor. .............English: Animation is made of some ideas, sketches, words and thoughts, which were submitted by visitors to certain mailboxes for in the year 2012 in city of Maribor, Slovenia, EU.

Love - Zbiradejnica

A girl and a guy live fragmented divided by the same question


- It's a film centered around the relationship between a mad girl and a loser, spiced up with some dark feeling