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A journey through the tunnel of lights.

All kinds of death.

A preliminary version of the work done for the project EYE in Den Bosch, Holland. In 2015 a version will be released that is optimized for web and traditional screenings. This version is not considered final for web and festival release. Check out the Wired article on the original installation it was screened in: concept: Lucas De Man installation design: Pascal Leboucq animation: Jan Joost Verhoef music: Marc Alberto motion capture performance: Giles Coope concept art: Markus Günther additional 3D modeling: Christian Öffner dramaturgy and project management: Kimberly Major technical assistance: Kas van Huisstede en Tom Vollebregt communication and PR: Claire Hoogendijk production: Marlies Germanus producers: Stichting Nieuwe Helden en Het Zuidelijk Toneel


Short experimental stop motion animation about a journey, 100% hand made by Lucinda Cooper, with no digital effects.

Water Wings