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Egy magányos tinédzser coming-of-age története arról, hogyan próbál sikertelenül közelebb kerülni apjához, majd bátyjához. Miután egyikük sem bizonyul a megfelelő példaképnek, a főhős egy fodrásznő kezei között találja meg azt a gyengédséget, amit a családján belül nem kapott meg.

A te apád

Coming of age starts when our idols fail. And when we realize that our father is not God, not even close to that. From that point one stands on their own feet, just like the skier who has been taken the poles and now has to go down the hill all alone. Matthias is an eight year old boy, the youngest child in the Wander family. He's looking forward to the excitement of the family getting together for the engagement of his eldest sister. This is the big moment of Mary-Ann's life. However, it might well be that behind the scenes of happy tears the other family members have their own big moments too... about those moments no one will ever talk about.

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