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The Blue House Language = Portuguese Subtitle = Spanish Synopsis An actress is preparing a theater play based on Frida Kahlo's life and she assumes the traumas of the character as her own trauma. Production: Filmesnajanela Year - 2013

A Casa Azul (The Blue House)

A love letter means being strong enough to look forward. The places and the streeet have memory and the future is a bridge. Being scared does not lead anywhere. The heart is in the past, in the places and people we left. But the heart is alwasy ahead as well. Waiting for us. Beyond the bridge.

As ever

Panels are everywhere.

Panel Paranoia

Viktor and Virág brought up in the heart of a big city, but they didn't need the "plastic"-life. They left the town to begin new life in the deep forest, in a little village. The young couple rebuilt a broken farmhouse with hard work and made a real home. They first used a hoe and started to raise animals, realising that woods gives them everything . Moreover, they made good friends and they found their happiness.

Just nature - Viktor and Virág in Ómassa

A girl hasn't been able to contact her friend for a while so she pays him visit. Yet she fails to find him. Instead, she comes across something unexpected. Something got loose. Something that was never supposed to..! A short film by SilverFilms and Kaos Industries. Written and Directed by: Koppány Ezüst Camera and Editing: András Bohó Music and Sound effects: Debrecen Fantasy Orchesta hashtags: horror, incarnation, shadow, house, girl, spectre, fight, beast, blood, gore, death, supernatural, vér, lány, ház, árny, szörny, természetfeletti, misztikus, pentagram, fantasy

Megtestesülés (Incarnation)