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This animation film is basically a metaphor for humanity´s absolute dominance over nature and our total exploitation of our planet´s resources. The opening set is a mysterious underground carriage, symbolically our Earth, and we hastily try to get on it. While walking through, we see (from first person point of view) different animals wearing a suit. Like a beggar we reach out a supplicatory hand towards them and each of animals in turn give us their goods e.g milk from a cow, honey from a bee etc. When we stand in front of a frog suddenly the underground brakes. Astonishingly the frog´s head splits in two and an alien jumps out of it and shoots us. In the next scene, recovering from unconsciousness, we find ourselves hoisted up by an ankle with a rope and dangling upside down over a pit. While the alien holds the other end of the rope the camera shows the animals´ deploring faces behind the carriage windows looking at us and slowly gliding away. The scene fades out with a caption: "You never know when your turn will come"

You never know