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Amalia, a girl of thirteen, gets her first period one day before leaving for the seaside with her parents. Having an over-caring but distant mother, she decides to take care of the “issue” by herself. Little does she know that soon, this will be the smallest problem she has. winner of the Atlantic Group grand prize in the Sarajevo City of Film category, at the 19 Sarajevo Film Festival

Holiday at the Seaside (trailer)

If you don't have protection, you can no survive. If you don't have roof, you don't have place for sleep, if you are on the roof, you can fall easily with whole your dreams.

Girl without roof.

Short experimental stop motion animation about a journey, 100% hand made by Lucinda Cooper, with no digital effects.

Water Wings

A short mood video/teaser for my upcoming short film. Amalia, a girl of thirteen, gets her first period one day before going to the seaside with her parents. Having a strict and conservative mother, she decides to take care of her “problem” by herself. Little does she know that soon, this will be the smallest problem she has. While struggling with this issue by herself, she doesn’t notice that her parents, who discreetly already agreed to split, are on the verge of giving up their last holiday as a family.

Holiday at the Seaside, mood video

'Trapped' is the story of a girl, who has been locked in a basement for months. She spends every day planning her escape, but maybe she has planned it a little too well?


WORDLESS shortfilm with English subtitles. OFF Venice 2012 Wordless / Sans les Mots / Sin Palabras / Senza Parole The people on both sides of a conflict, always forgot that the children doesnt care about who´s good and who´s evil: they always pay the consequences of the acts of adults. A man finds combines girl playing among ruins ... Un hombre encuentra auna niña jugando entre unas ruinas... Un uomo trova combina ragazza che gioca tra le rovine ... Ein Mann findet vereint Mädchen spielen unter Trümmern .. Directed by Ferran Brooks Music by Garry Bakuniec Actors: Miguel Gallego & Paula Arroyo WORDLESS / SANS MOTS / SIN PALABRAS


Edina is the playful story of a one night stand between a writer and his creature. During their adventures, the writer loses his superpower: he is not able to change the character and the story, and he can't get away from is perfect woman figure any more.


Trailer of the short film "Edina".

Edina - Trailer

Girl on 16mm. This is a filmed projection, not a scan :( it's not a scam, either.

Wait / Help

An affair coming to an end... In his head he's against all the world. In his head, at least he's not completely alone. Everything, in his head...

Paradise Lost

A girl hasn't been able to contact her friend for a while so she pays him visit. Yet she fails to find him. Instead, she comes across something unexpected. Something got loose. Something that was never supposed to..! A short film by SilverFilms and Kaos Industries. Written and Directed by: Koppány Ezüst Camera and Editing: András Bohó Music and Sound effects: Debrecen Fantasy Orchesta hashtags: horror, incarnation, shadow, house, girl, spectre, fight, beast, blood, gore, death, supernatural, vér, lány, ház, árny, szörny, természetfeletti, misztikus, pentagram, fantasy

Megtestesülés (Incarnation)