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Józsi, a bártulajdonos benne van a slamasztikában. Valaki okozott egy problémát és most el kéne takarítani. Sajnos, mikor a börtönben megismert cimborájához és csendes társához, Borzhoz fordul, a két férfi félreérti egymást. Borz egy bérgyilkost küld a „piszkos munka” elvégzésére, míg Józsi egy vécépucolóra számít… Bar owner Józsi is in an unpleasant situation. Somebody caused a problem and now he needs a cleanup. Unfortunately, when he turns to his former prison mate and silent partner Badger for help, the two men have a misunderstanding. Badger sends a hitman to do the „dirty work”, while Józsi is expecting a plumber…

Piszkos Munka (Dirty Work)

Momo is a young football player living in the hooligan community of a small town. He is waiting for his father to come back and deal with all the problems he himself cannot. Everything changes when his overly aggresive uncle Franke returns from abroad.


This is your film submitted to "the Gangsta challenge" challenge. Two small time crooks get cold feet before a transaction and decide to send a bum.

Banii sau Viata (Life or Money)

A short story from two loser gangster.

Riziko (Risk)