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Természettel való azonosulásom, barangolásom és célba érésem. Az eddig megszokott tértől való elszakadás egy új megismerés jegyében. 2016, Budapest MOME


Real men are tough. Real men do not show their emotions ­ they just take what is theirs. But what happens when the things you took take possession of you? Máté, a man around thirty who has seen better days, seeks refuge in a seemingly abandoned cottage deep in the woods of the mountains. He is running away from something or someone – he is like a hungry wolf, defiant, yet longing for some comfort. The cottage belongs to an old woman, who has lived there alone for a long time. The two strangers connect. The old lady lets Máté stay in her cottage as long as he performs some tasks around the house. However, unusual things keep happening in the company of the old lady: Máté starts to have visions about a young woman and a chamois and a red thread appears tied to his foot. The Thread is about the psychological journey one has to take in order to face the consequences of their actions. Healing, though, is only for the brave. If you fail to confront yourself you will end up being destroyed by what you have destroyed.

The Thread (Fonál)

- It's a film centered around the relationship between a mad girl and a loser, spiced up with some dark feeling


Short film about a nurse who is trying to find a way to communicate with an intelligent deaf/blind girl.

Veil of Maya

Syrreal (2012) 9 min. This is the hugarian "little bother" of Wrong Turn ! Watch it on YouTube in HD and with ENGLISH SUBTITLE !

SYRREAL (Eng.sub.--> YouTube)

A man goes to the forest. Is it his daily routine?

Daily Routine