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A disheartened man ready to suicide, but accidentally appear a girl interrupted his plan. For the stimulus of money, the man decided to look for the mysterious "Wonderland" with the girl.In this journey, what will happen between this two people ?


A Shy Lonely Young Man (SLYM) arrives in a new country, in a strange new town. His world is suddenly lit up when he spots his beautiful neighbour on the balcony opposite his new room. He tries desperately to be noticed, yet she remains stubbornly oblivious to his infatuation. SLYM is not giving up though – he has one more idea to try. Can he catch her attention and win her heart?

Love at First Sight

The painter Javier Marticorena receives an unexpected request: to portray “Cabezón” an English Mastiff. To do it, he must gradully accept the dog, of huge proportions, to overnight at his small home-studio for a couple of days. During this unusual coexistence, the painting work will test the relationship between the artist and his pet model.


Young reporter of Alexandra were brutally attacked directly during the live broadcast. She could be dead, but stranger - writer Alex saved he. Alexandra falls in love with her ​​rescuer. Alexei seem crazy too about Alexandra. However, if all is as good as it seems at first sight? Submitted for: Friss Hús Film Festival

30 ways to attract man

She is a school teacher.

Photographs of a School Teacher

If you find your best friend, you have found yourself... Some people don't succeed in finding themselves. They suffer of autism and the impossibility of creating normal relations deprives them of cognition of one of the biggest mysteries - friendship. Ivo is a 16-years old boy with diagnosis of Asperger syndrome -- disfunction of development of autistic specter. Incapable to adapt to surrounding world Ivo often falls a victim to aggression and misunderstanding of his coevals. After the consecutive accident at school when Ivo has got lost and has been found in helpless condition, his mother takes him to hippotherapy. There he meets Darcy -- a mare, trained to work with children, raising problems. Their meeting and their relations will change Ivo's life.

Me, you,nobody else

A short anti-smoking movie about an angry businessman facing a peaceful student.

What is Your Choice?

A super short film shot over 2 nights by a team of young Lithuanian talents starring a celebrated Lithuanian writer, director Galina Dauguvietytė. A film touches upon the issue of the elderly as outcasts of the society.

On Wednesdays

A man is woken up whilst sleeping in a van with other illegal immigrants as himself. After being kicked out he sets off to find his contact person, who finally doesn't help him the way he expected.

The Promise

Trailer for the compilation DVD "Seven & Seven", 7 films made by me between 2000-2007: Mini Driver Project (2000) Dottie: The Little Girl with the Big Voice (2002) Thoroughly Modern Mili (2003) A Life of Death (2003) The Pawn (2004) God's Good Pleasure (2006) 68 Degrees and Clear (2007)

Seven & Seven (trailer)