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MUCO Pictures LLC presents "Knightmares" a short film by Nicholas M. Holmes. The story KNIGHTMARES evolves around the young boy Luke, who grows up with an autistic brother named Tommy. Luke feels rejected by his family as they are spending more time with Tommy, which makes Luke flee into a different world. This world is a combination of his imagination and his favaorite computer games. Disguised as a fearless Ninja, Luke has to fight demons, which represent his biggest fears in real life to overcome them in reality.


The world as seen through the eyes of a little girl who believes herself to be a princess and her father – a knight fighting bad monsters. She possesses a universal weapon- imagination, which helps her survive in the non-ideal reality of grown-ups. Though every day brings her a step closer to crossing that magic border of our childhood when we realize that the world might be different from what we believed... (submitted to Friss Hús Film Festival)

Smutne Potwory (Sad Monsters)

A modern-day cautionary Christmas tale. Based around the story of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis.

The Rebel, The Soldier And The Outcast

While flipping pancakes at a diner, a desperate anime fan nerd, Jack, meets a girl, Lilith, of his fantasy that resembles his favorite anime character, prompting him to make an appearance change to get her attention. The courtship plan crumbles after he must face her bullying boyfriend, Lazer, forcing Jack to make a decision between returning to who he was or to turn over a new leaf.


The scene is an alternative Budapest, with a special kind of dictatorship controlled by a company group called GOLDEN DIMENSION…. The marvelous Hungarian capital the way we never wanted to see. Lens is dark, cynical character of this world. With his special ability of unknown origin, under the influence of a drug, he can burn the pictures of the past and the future into photosensitive paper. Lens hates the present because he understands the past and sees the future. He sells his ability as an outlaw private detective or cheap showman. One day the position of the oppressing power seems to get unstable as some strictly confidential documents are stolen from the home of the president of the Golden Dimension. Ironically, it is the specially skilled Lens who gets the task to find the person who could ruin the oppressing system by using the stolen incriminating evidence When he gets to the robbery scene it’s all set up for the experiment. He administers his drog, sticks the photosensitive paper on his nape and waits for the vision to come… By retrieving the pictures of the past, Lens finds out the identity of the unknown thief and even gets a glimpse of some images from the near future. But this future offers nothing good for Lens: he is facing a gun and gets a bullet into his forehead. Is it possible for Lens to put together the pieces of his visions, can he catch the thief and prevent his own violent death?

The Developer

"The language of Love is such a sweet music that lyrics are not so demanded." Maxine and Sasha come together. Their relationship could be a nice story, but the unreal presence of an Indian not very convenient and a mannered ballerina prevents the love story to be told...

Body Language

My first ever short film, i hope you enjoy. A disturbed man trapped in thought takes a random trip around London. He finds himself at door number 34 on a north London estate. He slowly enters the house and walks up stairs. The tenant of the house, completely unaware of his presence, leaves his bedroom to go wash his hands. As the tenant goes back into his bedroom the man attacks him from behind and strangles the tenant to death. The man then calmly leaves the house. The next day the strange man arrives at the house and knocks on the door. The tenant then opens the door and the man greets him and with ‘Hi I’m Chris your new housemate”......

Door 34

Geoff is a great musician well know in Brazil. He asked me to do a music video. I agreed with the condition to do a free short film with it. We wrote together and I directed and shot it. Hope you have fun.

Wordz ov Mouf

A girl hasn't been able to contact her friend for a while so she pays him visit. Yet she fails to find him. Instead, she comes across something unexpected. Something got loose. Something that was never supposed to..! A short film by SilverFilms and Kaos Industries. Written and Directed by: Koppány Ezüst Camera and Editing: András Bohó Music and Sound effects: Debrecen Fantasy Orchesta hashtags: horror, incarnation, shadow, house, girl, spectre, fight, beast, blood, gore, death, supernatural, vér, lány, ház, árny, szörny, természetfeletti, misztikus, pentagram, fantasy

Megtestesülés (Incarnation)