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Father and daughter are spending a day together of which should have its script. Fanni, the daughter, does everything in order to change their schedule. There is a complicate and sad story suspected behind the usual parent and child conflict .

Fanni's story

„A fox. A sly, handsome fox. For who knows things, will have a long life, thought the fox and lived a long adventurous life himself. The fox lived long and grew old, ... but also a bit forgetful.“ “The story of the fox who lost his mind“ is a poetic animated film about growing old, dementia and the communal life of generations.

Die Geschichte vom Fuchs, der den Verstand verlor

My most successful low-budget viral video so far has gained more than 26 million views in 4 months on the video share channels. Through the film we wanted to draw attention to basic human values like respect of life and responsibility.


This short represents the moment when you cut away the family ties and what comes after: floating. The endless uncertainty, sadness and idleness. Some people say this is what to be grown up completely.


A story about the inability to escape inner emotional traps, presented in the form of subjective memory-impregnated images, where the border between realities is a line drawn/drowned in sea. In addition, it must be said that when tension develops into violence, three members of the family will become two, and finally - at the open sea - only one person remains caught in the trap of its own emotions.


Fed up with the nothingness in her life, a mother commits suicide in her large white house. In the next 24 hours we will come to know each member of her family, as they never seem to notice her meaningless death - too preoccupied with their own sufferings to notice anyone else around them. Even when they live wall to wall to each other.

Wall To Wall

Camelia a tengerparton tervezi megünnepelni fia, Angel születésnapját. A fiú édesapja váratlan eltűnése miatt elszökik, így Camelia kénytelen olyan keresésbe belefogni, amely szembesíti családja széthullásával. Camelia plans to celebrate her son Angel’s birthday. Provoked by the disappearance of his father, Angel escapes, and Camelia is forced to begin a search that will confront her with the failure of her family.

Marea /Trailer/

An animated film about two brothers struggling to care for their elderly mother. Jovial, loving Richard flees as soon as anything practical needs to be done; dutiful Nick does everything he can for his mother while seething with resentment; and Mother is not going to make it easy for either of them.

The Bigger Picture /Trailer/

Cassandra est une jeune fille attachée à son père, qui souffre en silence de l’éloignement d’avec sa mère, partie en Australie. Nicolas est un petit garçon souffrant d’asthme, et est toujours avec sa ventoline et sa peluche. Le petit garçon et la jeune adolescente devenant adulte vont être rapprochés par l’union de leur parent. Au départ timides et silencieux l’un envers l’autre, le petit garçon et la jeune fille vont nouer une réelle complicité, et va naître entre eux une véritable relation petit frère/grande sœur…

Big sister (Grande soeur)

In the canteen of a little seaside resort town, holidaymakers witness the heated and bitter argument of a separated family. Their daughter, a sensitive teenage girl, observes her mother's emotions and accidentally enters a strange world of incomprehensible happiness on an island where the town ornithologist traps birds as well as "other species"... The girl observes erotic games on the beach and their joyful and satisfied participants. She thinks she has discovered a formula for happiness and tries to give it to her mother. Directed by Ramūnas Greičius [original title: Baltos Demes Melyname]

White On Blue

Using seven-foot-tall characters in life-size sets, The Bigger Picture tells the stark and darkly humorous tale of caring for an elderly parent.

The Bigger Picture

Coming of age starts when our idols fail. And when we realize that our father is not God, not even close to that. From that point one stands on their own feet, just like the skier who has been taken the poles and now has to go down the hill all alone. Matthias is an eight year old boy, the youngest child in the Wander family. He's looking forward to the excitement of the family getting together for the engagement of his eldest sister. This is the big moment of Mary-Ann's life. However, it might well be that behind the scenes of happy tears the other family members have their own big moments too... about those moments no one will ever talk about.

Mariann eljegyzése

Seen through the eyes of a child, “My Pink Room” gives a poetic account of one Syrian family’s displacement and dispossession as a young boy wakes up in the alien and unfamiliar surroundings of a refugee tent. Using a stream of consciousness narration, the film highlights an experience of individual loss and estrangement that concludes with a note of collective urgency against apathy.

My Pink Room

Norbi is 15 years old. He was separated from his mother 4 years ago when he got into children’s home in Budapest, Hungary. His biggest dream is to live together with her again as they did before. The connection between them is so strong that Norbi tries to spend as much time with her as he can in a homeless shelter where she lives. The film through micro situations gives us an inside view of their intimate relationship and hopeless effort to change their life. The conversations they share during their simple moments together reflect the dramatic intensity of their everyday life.

Vasárnapi ebéd / Sunday Lunch

Little Katie loves fairy tales; beautiful princesses and handsome heroes. And in her young head, the real world is just as wondrous. But a storm is about to wreck her childish fantasy and she'll discover all too soon that not everyone can live happily ever after.


A young boy is isolated by grief, and his father isn't coping. He seeks solace in his memories, and find comfort from a strange woman he meets by chance in the park.

Small Gifts

In this patient improvisation on the borders of time & space we dance each other, and with each other. If surprises pick people, are we ready to be chosen? In the game with interruptions we seek to feel and understand each others certain mo(ve)ment. This supplies us with abundance of possibility to continue a fluent way intuitively .. like the sound of generations that dreams its pace into & out of existance. ... This project was a wonderful training for our relationship, and preperation for our collaboration as parents.


Amalia, a girl of thirteen, gets her first period one day before going to the seaside with her parents. *winner of the Atlantic Group award, at the 19 Sarajevo Film Festival

Holiday at the Seaside (excerpt)

Marion visits her daughter Céline to the hospital who is suffering from an incurable brain tumor. They have not seen each other for a long time. Paul, the father, is at Céline's bedside. He is the one taking care of the child. During a short absence of Paul, Marion will walk her daughter around the hospital. This evasion will drive them until the end of the day.

Ogre's Sorrow

Amalia, a girl of thirteen, gets her first period one day before leaving for the seaside with her parents. Having an over-caring but distant mother, she decides to take care of the “issue” by herself. Little does she know that soon, this will be the smallest problem she has. winner of the Atlantic Group grand prize in the Sarajevo City of Film category, at the 19 Sarajevo Film Festival

Holiday at the Seaside (trailer)