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This short is a contemporary adaptation of Voltaire's Candide ou l'Optimisme (1756). The work is inspired by an unsuccessful attempt to adapt this piece in 1982 by György Kovásznai, as he died during the production. The initial idea was to pay tribute to his pioneer style, especially the eclectic visuals in his feature film Bubble bath (1979). Therefore the director opened up the visual scope to as many as 10 fresh graduates from MOME ANIM to contribute to the story in their own manner, which has created a new kind of eclecticism. The film adapts the novel in a nutshell, in 8 minutes we get to see the numerous roles, facets of the protagonists in an ever changing contemporary environment, yet the main plot sticks to the original, which can easily be understood as a timeless road movie throwing light on the eternal human experience of facing reality, get hurt big time and get wiser with age. Meanwhile our short attempts to make the contemporary version of the original's philosophical dialogs on optimism.