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"Talking with God" trailer - showing the works of Andras Beszabo painter.

Beszélgetések Istennel - Bészabó András képéletei (filmelőzetes)

A film about a rock & roll band's life, the birth of the Ivan & The Parazol's third album.

The All Right Nows

Autofocus is a short documentary film about the church of Saint Nicolas that dates from the 12th century and is visited by numerous tourists. It is located on a picturesque hill with a pine tree growing nearby. The camera witnesses a transformation of the site into a sort of special stage where unusual events occur and tourists become actors in a play.


Anne Dignan is photographer who suffers from progressive visual impairment. Her involvement with art helps her and others to assert their place in the world. Setting up photographic exhibition is her dream, but would passion to art help her overcome health limitations and everyday-life obstacles?

Arty Anne

The painter Javier Marticorena receives an unexpected request: to portray “Cabezón” an English Mastiff. To do it, he must gradully accept the dog, of huge proportions, to overnight at his small home-studio for a couple of days. During this unusual coexistence, the painting work will test the relationship between the artist and his pet model.


A Gambit is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices a pawn with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position. Saravuth Inn is a Cambodian-American chess player that sacrifices himself in the hopes of finding a better position on the board of life.

Odysseus' Gambit

The documentary film "HVIEZDA (The Star)" tells a story of Jan Slovak, a 55-year-old welder, who fell in love with acting. His desire began, when he got the lead role in a theatrical adaptation of the worst movie of all time, Plan 9 From Outer Space by Ed Wood Jr. The passion for theatre became his destiny.


Norbi is 15 years old. He was separated from his mother 4 years ago when he got into children’s home in Budapest, Hungary. His biggest dream is to live together with her again as they did before. The connection between them is so strong that Norbi tries to spend as much time with her as he can in a homeless shelter where she lives. The film through micro situations gives us an inside view of their intimate relationship and hopeless effort to change their life. The conversations they share during their simple moments together reflect the dramatic intensity of their everyday life.

Vasárnapi ebéd / Sunday Lunch

Hogyan készül a performansz? A film a performanszot megelőző feszültségre koncentrál, mintha az alkotó naplójába nyernénk betekintést. Míg eljutunk a felkészülésen át a „mérkőzésig”, vagyis a performanszig, a néző részese lehet a művész személyes élményeinek.


Peter Sibley is a determined, active man; he enjoys tennis, gardening and exercise. Peter has lived in the same small seaside community of Llandudno for 56 of his 74 years. “Peter After Peter” is an affectionate character study of my neighbour and friend of many years. Previously, Peter worked as a sales rep (special area; typewriters) for Olivetti, winning the Staff Prize year on year for optimum sales. Peter thinks salesmanship is the same as acting and truly believes that his success at one guarantees his success at the other. Five years ago Peter debuted in the short film “Peter”, playing himself. Shortlisted for Ridley Scott’s “A Day in the Life” series, the film was broadcast by South Africa’s national broadcaster. In Peter’s mind, a star was born. “Peter After Peter” follows the stages Peter goes through in order to become a working performer; conceptualising and producing a z-card, meetings with potential agents and various castings. Self-promotion. Failure. Success. Failure. Peter After Peter.

Peter After Peter

People may say, home is where you were born or where your family is. But for me home is where I feel safe and free. Home is where I can be myself.

Between Homelands

Have you noticed those moments when characters seem to forget they're fictional and address you, the audience, directly? Aren't those moments just plain awesome?! Since I've discovered the term "breaking the fourth wall" I became very passionate about it and started exploring different reasons and uses of the technique. This is my university dissertation on the topic where I give examples in cinema and apply the technique myself. Enjoy!

Breaking the fourth wall in cinema

"Packing and traveling are nice things. If only you were going on vacation..." "Portmanteau" was completed by Hande Zerkin at Remapping Europe Istanbul Atelier. Remapping Europe project is an investigative arts project that aims to contribute to an inclusive cultural practice and a new imagery in and of Europe by connecting young creative media-makers and artists living in Spain, Poland, Turkey and the UK, who have migrant perspectives, to wider European inter-generational audiences. The project involves creating new methods for expanded education, workshops for creative media-makers, a free-use media collection, a research publication and a seminar. Remapping Europe is a project of Doc Next Network, an international partnership of independent cultural organizations working with young people, supporting their documentary and other media productions; its partner is MODE Istanbul in Turkey. Through its efforts, Doc Next seeks to redefine “documentary” and to create a link between the traditional media and the constantly developing world of free culture. To this end, the activities of Remapping Europe stem from one underlying principle: re-mixing of media as a method to re-view, re-investigate and re-consider prevailing imagery of migrants in European societies; ultimately, to ‘re-map’ Europe visually, geographically and mentally. An important result of the project is the archival and creative exposure of present-day perspectives of young (future) citizens on migration, as captured in creative media. It contributes to the European cultural heritage and is a future point of reference in our collective memory.


This remix was made for Nordic CC Film Festival REmix Competition


If you could pick only one photo of yourself for the next generations to remember you, which one would you choose? “As You Like It” brings together stories from people facing their gravestone picture while still being alive. Or how the graveyard becomes a public photo album.

As You Like It

The first postcard in a series of short documentaries about life in Armenia

8 minutes of Armenia

A homeless man's short story in Yerevan. Sometimes you have to lose everything in order to get back home...

The Joy of Quiet

Mixed Media Fairy Tale Installation by Visual Artist Natalia Irina Roman (*Bucharest, since 2006 in Berlin). Hundreds of paper boats hang in Prachtsaal Neukölln, a 200 square meter former ballroom in Jonasstrasse 22. The work is inspired both by the forgotten dance location and Natalia's online storytelling platform More information at

Flying Ships, Berlin Storytelling

A portrait of two blacksmiths workings in the same forge.

The Forge

This is your film submitted to "Budapest - ami a képeslapokról kimaradt" contest. This was my application film for DocNomads Documentary Film Directing Erasmus Mundus Master Course. My personal vision of my internal and external world.

A Day In My Eyes