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A lone hitchhiker meets Fat Ivo, a truck driver who is trapped in time, like a fly caught in amber. With the help of a dream, a coffee and breakfast the hitchiker will remember a truth long forgotten. Director's bio: Nikola Strašek (1978), director and screenwriter, studied comparative literature and Latin at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb, and is currently a graduate student of film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art. He is the author of the award-winning debut documentary I Will Kill You! (2007), as well as the documentary Vajt, screened at the 2009 ZagrebDox festival. In 2010 he directed a documentary film A Short History of Decay.


Character is trying to give an answer on a simple question. He is wondering through the labyrinth of intuitive visions. In some way this question determines his life. His answer is again the same... Do we have answers on important questions at all?

Why Elephants?

What happens when dreams take control over reality? Director's bio: Marko Meštrović (1972) graduated from the Painting Departments of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1997. He has held numerous group and solo exhibitions, and began making animated films in 2000. With Davor Međurečan, he co-directed two animated films Silencium (2006) and Ciganjska (2004), and in 2008 he made his solo film project Note.

No Sleep Won't Kill You

A story about the inability to escape inner emotional traps, presented in the form of subjective memory-impregnated images, where the border between realities is a line drawn/drowned in sea. In addition, it must be said that when tension develops into violence, three members of the family will become two, and finally - at the open sea - only one person remains caught in the trap of its own emotions.


Life is database. Close your eyes to see it...

Dream Myself Away

“Once upon a time, there was a princess who loved…” This would be a typical beginning of a fairy-tale, then a prince would come and save the princess and they would live happily ever after. But what happens if the prince brings the princess down to earth? This film starts at about this point and illustrates familiar situations - which are, of course not the ones we would find in fairy-tales…

The Girl Who Loved Fairy-Tales

Can a training session bring a father and his son to their senses and rebuild the bond between them? / Segment of Zagreb Stories 2 omnibus /

The Son

Today is the day when Tvrtko must choose the right path – the path to school. / Segment of the Zagreb Stories Vol. 2 omnibus / Director’s biography: Aldo Tardozzi (Zagreb, 1974) obtained a degree in Film and TV Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He directed the awarded films such as Terra Roza, The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship, A Story from Nunić, Eddy Is Gone and TV serials Dead Angles, Biba's World, Periferija City, Home, Sweet Home, Blonde Diaries… He also directed the feature-length fiction film Spots (2011).


Two twenty-something girls, Mia and Sara, are moving to a new apartment. Will their love become lost amid all these boxes that surround them? / Segment of the Zagreb Stories Vol. 2 omnibus /


A romantic drama about a young couple who is, more or less successfully, coping with the imposed clichés about modern married life and the frames the society puts it in. Director's biography: Sara Hribar (Zagreb, 1986) started studying Film and TV Directing at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art in 2005. She writes, produces and directs medium-length feature films, awarded in Croatia and abroad: Let Me Sleep (2007, shown at 30 festivals and received 15 awards, awarded Golden Pram for Best film from Checkers program at Zagreb Film (Festival), Tell Me about Love (2008), Libertango (2009), That Little Hand of Yours (2010), In a Winter Night (2012).

From one day to another

Ismir is nervous. He is about to visit his father in prison. He only has twenty minutes for this important encounter - far too short a time for them really get to know each other. Yet there is a way to do it - and for this no words are required. / In the Generations selection of the 65th Berlinale Film Festival.

Piknik (teaser)