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People change, and society changes, and in turn people must change to remain a part of the society. It tells the story of a professional clown who descended into depression as the public demand for his performances declined. When once he would perform in a packed theatre, today he busks in the streets as the people pass him by, largely taking no notice of him at all. He feels that society is to blame for his demise and so he is suing them for compensation. Struggling to obtain a date in court, he has turned to a documentary filmmaker to give his case the media coverage and recognition he feels it deserves.

Clown vs Society

Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes Tiki, the clown, who turns into a magician! Tiki, a timid guy arrives to a casting at the Dolforo Circus, his desire is to become a magician. He busts up his trick so badly that he gets hired as a clown. He doesn't really enjoy being a clown. Only Leila, the beautiful artiste cheers him which motivates him to do something in order to reach his goal.