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Un film écrit et réalisé par Rémi Allier Avec Nissim Renard, Sam Louwyck, Wim Willaert Nine year-old Thomas spends most of his days at the flea market closely observing the wheelings and dealings of the market's sellers. His desire to be one of them leads him to embark on a one-night adventure that overwhelms him.  From a kid's eye level, this is a decisive life moment,  a rite of passage, a journey into the world of adults… Towards new realities, far removed from those of a child. LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL 2013 - Sélection officielle - Pardi di Domani (CH) LE COURT EN DIT LONG 2014 - PARIS - WINNER - BEST SCRIPT (FR) GENT FILM FEST 2013 - WINNER - BEST STUDENT SHORT (BE) CAMERIMAGE 2013 - WINNER - SILVER TADPOLE FOR BEST IMAGE (PL) BRUSSELS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2014 - WINNER - AUDIENCE AWARD (BE) CINEMUZIEK 2013 - WINNER - BEST SHORT - Braine l'Alleud (BE) AUTOMN IN VORONET - WINNER - BEST DIRECTOR (RO) MAGRITTE DU CINEMA 2013 (Belgian Academy) - Film élligible (BE) CLAP 89 (Fr) - WINNER CLAP D'OR - 1st JURY PRIZE 42nd RENCONTRES CINEMATOGRAPHIQUES DE DIGNE LES BAINS - WINNER 1st Prize - Prix de la ville de Digne les bains (Fr) Go short International Short Film festival - Nijmegen - Audience favorites 2014 (NL) Direction photo - Erika Meda Cadre - Kinan Massarani Montage - Charlotte Loutsch Mixage - Geoffroy Penez Création sonore - Adrien Navez Musique - Leo Dupleix Décors - Noémie Boggio Costumes - Carine Ceglarski © Mediadiffusion - 2013


A visual haiku about childhood, simplicity and inner selves. A LA RECHERCHE D'ESPACE PERDU started as a small experiment in the summer of 2011 and intends to become a long-term Super 8 mm film project, following two 6-years old girls from a Hungarian village as they grow up, year by year. We intend to surprise a small piece of the world not as a socio-political tool conquered by what Alvin Toffler used to call transience, not even as a trichotomy of what Pierre Bourdieu used to call "fast food, fast love, fast thought", but as a innerly-paced playground for freedom and simplicity.

A la recherche d'espace perdu I

A man alone with his dark thoughts. *One minute film


Regressive group hypnosis makes it possible for us to journey back into our childhood. Generally, we find ourselves in a naive and innocent world: huge spaces, strange smells, giant grown-ups. It is, however, not entirely without danger to walk amongst buried memories. Few people can figure out exactly what happened to them in the past. Is the best solution to continue to grope in the dark?


This is your film submitted to "Impossible Film Contest 2012" contest. Synopsis: Summer 1964, Riviera, Italy. The sun is still high and about twenty children are climbing the dunes of the beach to disappear in the pine forest. They are orphans with an unwritten destiny and many dreams tight in their pocket. Valerio is seven years old and knows only the harassment of fellows and the curtness of the nuns. But that summer, for the first time, he will find kindness and hope.

A summer tale