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AGORAPHOBIA Cezara, a 20-year-old Romanian waitress employee slowly starts acknowledging her disturbing routine. She finds herself in a trigger point of her life where the docile social awkwardness transforms into agoraphobia and takes over. About Agoraphobia Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder. A person with agoraphobia is afraid to leave environments they know or consider to be safe. In severe cases, a person with agoraphobia considers their home to be the only safe environment. Typically, agoraphobia often starts off as a mild anxiety about a particular event, place or situation that escalates over time into a generalized fear of being in public.The symptoms and signs of agoraphobia may include:Symptoms of significant anxiety and sometimes a panic attack such as breathlessness, sweating, dizziness, fast heart rate, sensation of choking and feelings of extreme fear or dread. Low self-esteem and loss of self-confidence. Produced by miroimages in collaboration with Nisi Masa Europe Officially Selected at: Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival Kino Praha, La fete du Court Métrage DIRECTOR Miro Mastropasqua SCRIPT Andra Gheorghiu  DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Giorgio Pitino  PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Irina Ghenu  SOUND FX Coípan Eduard Stetan  Nicu Gaburici  EDITORS Miro Mastropasqua Giorgio Pitino VISUAL FX Stefan Schultz CAST Cezara Munteanu all rights reserved 2013 ©

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