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One night a terrified stranger arrives at a deserted bar. He joins the only drinker at a nearby table and asks if he wants to know a 'secret'...

Stephen Laws' THE SECRET

LIKE US and Follow the project on: twitter: @dark_film From The Womb to the Tomb is a stop-motion puppet short film about the fear of aging. That very ambitious project is planned to be produced and released in 2014. The film goes into a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN in mid October 2013. Thank you DAAZO for your support!!

From The Womb to the Tomb (Prototype Teaser)

"Just share your passion. Be what you want. Do what you love. And Live. It's the Best for you." Mise en scène d'un petit corps circassien qui se mouve au rythme des ombres. Performance par Aloïse Sauvage. [Septembre 2011]

Black & Wild

Today. A tramp sees life a little less in black and white, being a fan of Charlie Chaplin. And if passers-by had the same loving look they have on the hero of Chaplin's films on the tramps in our street ? Director/Writer/Post : Jerome Genevray - __French : De nos jours. Un S.D.F. voit la vie un peu moins en noir et blanc, en étant fan de Charlot. Et si les passants avaient le même regard affectueux qu'ils ont sur le héros des films de Chaplin sur les sans-domiciles ?

Tramp in the Modern Time (Clochard des Temps Modernes)

The adventures of a girl lost in a movie

Miss Candace Hilligoss' flickering halo - Trailer

"A classic romantic silent movie, in which a cleaning lady of a 1920s theatre finds herself accidentally fulfilling her two most deepest desires." This short film was completely written, filmed and edited in just one weekend for the 48 Hour Film Project Amsterdam 2012.

The Broom

Animation based on 'A végzet' by István Örkény. 2012