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Unconcealment V / Hanefi Yeter Unconcealment films are short video portraits of contemporary artists. Unconcealment series, stands out from other films by its image poetry technique which allows the viewer to fully experience the film and enjoy a unique experience such as one would with a painting. Unconcealment V is a short film about the calling of the artist Hanefi Yeter, filmed in his studio. It is an attempt to see through the eyes of the artist and his mood in the moment of his artistic calling. Hanefi Yeter was born in Bayburt in 1947. He graduated from Bedri Rahmi Workshop at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Art in 1972. He has had over 90 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. His works can be seen in national and international museums and private collections. In recent years, Yeter has made sculptures as well as paintings and exhibited them in Form works, which have been organized in Ankara, Mersin and Denizli.


This is a short art movie about an artist and an artwork. It is a symbolic movie speaking about the truth in art which lives for ever.

Playing Time

The eternal question of the artist.