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This animation film is basically a metaphor for humanity´s absolute dominance over nature and our total exploitation of our planet´s resources. The opening set is a mysterious underground carriage, symbolically our Earth, and we hastily try to get on it. While walking through, we see (from first person point of view) different animals wearing a suit. Like a beggar we reach out a supplicatory hand towards them and each of animals in turn give us their goods e.g milk from a cow, honey from a bee etc. When we stand in front of a frog suddenly the underground brakes. Astonishingly the frog´s head splits in two and an alien jumps out of it and shoots us. In the next scene, recovering from unconsciousness, we find ourselves hoisted up by an ankle with a rope and dangling upside down over a pit. While the alien holds the other end of the rope the camera shows the animals´ deploring faces behind the carriage windows looking at us and slowly gliding away. The scene fades out with a caption: "You never know when your turn will come"

You never know

A short satire on human nature, depicting the way we act in social situations.

Bestiary / Bestiárium

On the outskirts of León, Nicaragua is a mostly-abandoned zoo where animals of all kind have languished in their cages for decades. The zoo is Parque Arlen Siu, and the Amigos del Parque (Friends of the Park) are out to change things.

Amigos del Parque

This is your film submitted to "World of Shorts Film Contest" contest. Film about animals that we lost