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My most successful low-budget viral video so far has gained more than 26 million views in 4 months on the video share channels. Through the film we wanted to draw attention to basic human values like respect of life and responsibility.


The painter Javier Marticorena receives an unexpected request: to portray “Cabezón” an English Mastiff. To do it, he must gradully accept the dog, of huge proportions, to overnight at his small home-studio for a couple of days. During this unusual coexistence, the painting work will test the relationship between the artist and his pet model.


Viktor and Virág brought up in the heart of a big city, but they didn't need the "plastic"-life. They left the town to begin new life in the deep forest, in a little village. The young couple rebuilt a broken farmhouse with hard work and made a real home. They first used a hoe and started to raise animals, realising that woods gives them everything . Moreover, they made good friends and they found their happiness.

Just nature - Viktor and Virág in Ómassa