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Hella and Gabor had car accident and they get in hospital. Gabor is upset because He do not get information about Hella's state of health. To make the guy's problems worse an odd stranger keep talking to him. / Hella és Gábor autóbalesetet szenved, kórházba kerülnek. Gábor dühös, amiért nem kap kellő felvilágosítást Hella állapotáról. Tetézve a fiú problémáit, egy furcsa idegen tartja őt szóval.

Mindig veled - Always together trailer

When his good friend Roger is killed in a base–jumping accident, Joachim has to promise his girlfriend to give up base–jumping for good. But first he endeavours one last adventure, against his girlfriend’s wishes. Together with his best friend Øyvind he sets out climb Mt. Katthammeren to honour Roger and make his last jump.

Last Base /Trailer/

Honorable Mention at Aarhus Short Film Challenge 2014

Short Promise