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In "Death to the Camera," a camera moves among woman working on a job site. As they joke and argue, the mood repeatedly shifts between belly laughs and rage. While they wait for their pay, they consider how to cover their basic expenses, what happens to the aid that never reaches them, and whether Karzai is a crook or a servant of the people. Is the camera revealing anything truthful, or simply inciting these women to present what they think ‘the other’ wants to hear? "Death to the Camera" is one of ten shorts featured in "The Fruit of our Labor" - a collection of 10 Afghan-made documentary shorts that bring to life Afghans’ efforts to address their challenging social and economic conditions. These films, made by Afghans trained by Community Supported Film, provide a fresh perspective of Afghanistan beyond the relentless battlefront coverage of the western media. Community Supported Film strengthens the documentary storytelling capacity in countries where the dissemination of objective and accurate information is essential for effective development and conflict resolution. CSFilm trains local women and men in documentary filmmaking and video-journalism. The resulting stories, rooted in realities often unrepresented in the media, are used to influence local and international perspectives on sustainable solutions for a more peaceful and equitable world. For more information on"Death to the Camera", or "The Fruit of our Labor", please visit

Death to the Camera